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My Jacket



It's Skye. I know the rules.

She threw away my jacket.

I'm in shock. She threw away my freakin' jacket!

Yes, it was falling to pieces. Yes, to save it would have required a LOT more sewing ability than anybody in the System has. And probably a sewing machine and more money than we've got handy. But still.

She threw away my jacket!

I wore that thing in college, I wore it when I fell in love for the first time. I wore it in defiance of Dad; he wanted me to get something that looked nicer. I refused. I wore my Michael jacket.

I wore it to church, I wore it to work, I wore it every-damn-where.

Hells bells, I even wore it on the plane to California that one Christmas. And I froze my ass off when I got home. What was warm enough in Sacramento on January 4 was NOT enough in St. Louis that same day! I didn't care. I had my jacket.

And now it's gone. Copper threw it away. All I have left is the angel pin that went on the right pocket.

Was it falling apart? Yes. Did it need to be tossed?

....I guess so.

I'll be okay with it after a while, I guess.

But she threw away my jacket! :(


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Sorry that your jacket was thrown away. Copper mentioned that in a post on the threads. To her it kept you and the others safe. It came to her with love and she did love it. The jacket carried with it all the memories of a time that was frought with turmoil for Copper.

Why she threw it away, it wasn't to hurt you or the collective....it was to throw away forever the experiences that it held. Very symbolic of her to do that.

The angel pin was saved..... It was her protector during that time, hers and yours and the other Insiders. It will always be kept in her keepsake box to remind her of how far everyone has come, how great the healing has been to get you to this place.

When Copper is comfortable in purchasing another jacket, I hope that you embrace it for it will hold the new memories of the experiences that you will attain.

I send you all the best, Skye and may you accept what Copper did of the jacket that held the memories.


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*sigh* I know. I guess I'm kind of reeling from life in general. So much change in such a tiny bit of time. In my head, I understand the jacket was "just a worn-out flannel shirt"...I understand all the reasons. And you're right, at least she kept the pin. I think I'd be more upset if she had tossed it along with the jacket.

And as a peace offering, she did offer to wear (without complaint!) a cross necklace that dates from roughly the same time as the jacket. That's a pretty huge concession 'cause barring that one pin, Copper doesn't wear religious jewelry.

As always, thank you for your kind words, Alas.



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I'm sorry that you are grieving the loss of the jacket. I don't think Copper meant anything unkind toward you by throwing it out but I know that doesn't make it hurt any less. I am sitting with you as you grieve.


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