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Hello 2014



I don't do new years' resolutions 'cause they're always forgotten by Valentine's Day. But I do stop and look at where I was and where I'm going. I set a few goals...kind of a short-term bucket list. This year I'm gonna try for 12...and try to remember to look back at this post from time to time to keep myself accountable.

So here goes.

Copper's goals for 2014 (in no particular order)

* Remember that I really have lost enough weight to honestly say I wear a size XL t-shirt. Phase out the bigger clothes in my wardrobe.

* Begin coursework to become a licensed Science of Mind Practitioner. Remember that the money and time are always there when the time is right.

* Replace the box-of-bookshelf-pieces with an assembled bookshelf. How doesn't matter. Subtract one box of pieces, add one bookshelf.

* Go 60 days without SI.

* Come out of the DID closet with at least 2 friends. (JK and Miss D count as one!)

* See an ophthalmologist. Get new glasses.

* Trade in my old Missouri driver's license for a Tennessee one.

* Acquire at least 2 pairs of dress-casual shoes that I can comfortably wear all day.

* Finish the rough draft of Angel's Honor (the novel I talk about all the time)

* Tithe consistently...that means treasure and time.

* Take myself out for ice cream at least once every two months.

* Accept love and compassion from others, in all the many forms they may be presented.

So there y'all go. Some big stuff, some small stuff, some things gonna be waaaaaaaaaaay harder than others.

Here's to 2014!


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What a wonderful list! I really like that most of these are about taking care of yourself. So often I hear goals about reaching higher ranking levels in society, money, pride and material possessions. Thank you for the inspiration Copper!

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Thank you both!

I got tired of the usual nonsense resolutions; these are gonna be enough of a challenge to work at, but small enough to meet.

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