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A little bit about myself & important dates:

~I am 18 years old (born March, 2003).

~My first time being sexually abused was when I was 7 and that abuse continued for 2 years till I was 9. (first abuse)

~I was sexually abused at 11 years old. (second abuse)

~I was very traumatized and forgot everything of my first abuse up till my memories were triggered at 12 years old.

~I was sexually abused at 12 years old. (third abuse)

~My family found out about the first abuse last year (July, 2020) and I was 17 years old.  Cops were told and the court was involved.

~I was sexually abused at 15 years old. (fourth abuse)

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I'm sorry that happened to you. I hope everything is getting better. If you ever want someone to talk with (just to express whatever you are comfortable or talk about whatever really), let me know.

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