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cant get worse



Well, I finally decided it was time to write again. My life has been hell to say the least for the last week. I am on medication and a lot all for my mental health. i have meds  that help with my PTSD, anxiety, anti depressants, sleeping, nightmares/ flashbacks,, hallucintations/voices, a medication to help with the sideaffects and one that is supposed to inhance the meds that i take. i hate taking medication but i know i need them and have come to accept that fact. well, i pick up my meds for two weeks at a time. so naturally i go in last thursday to pick them up. they werent ready and they had already tried to reach my psych doctor twice with no answer. ok thats fine. so they were not ready. so i called on friday to make sure they are ready to pick up. i got the shock of my life. the doctor refused to fill them until he saw me again. that is bullshit i was beyond pissed. i have just spent the entire weekend awake for five days i had no medication in my system. i didnt think i was going to make it through it. i had to make arrangements for my daughter to stay some where safe in case i had to go into the hospital. it got bad couldnt eat couldnt sleep, the voices got out of control as did the hallucinations and anxiety. well, i had both therapy and seeing the doctor on tuesday. i feel so bad for my therapist. by the time i saw her i was so out of it i didnt know which was up and which was down. i dont remember our entire session just bits and pieces. i was so out of it that i remember talking about my hair and sitting there crying because it was dirty. i dont remember much more. i do know tuesday when i see her again i will be apologizing to her because i know that it couldnt have been a comfortable or easy session for her. i finally got to see my doctor later on tuesday. i went in and before he could even say i word, i said look we have two options today. we are either putting my meds back into my system or he needed to admit me to the hospital i knew i had gotten to the point i could no longer keep myself safe. he said he didnt like me off my meds because i was demanding. im like no kidding put yourself in my shoes and lets see how you handle it.i asked him why he did this and although in a way i understand why but there should been a safer way to go about this. his reasoning behind it was because he was not the original doctor who prescribed them and he wanted to make sure i needed them. Really, why the hell do you think im on them?!!  i do understand but really should have been safer about it. i am looking for a new psych doctor because im not risking going through this hell again, im just not strong enough. thankfully i am back on them but they are not at the proper doses he had to put me on three of them on a lower dose to start with. one is the nightmare/flashback one. and he said that it will be a few days before i start feeling better. i just am pissed how this went down. other than that, i ahave been struggling with self harm. i feel so alone anymore i dont know maybe i am beyond help and i know for sure i dont deserve it. i feel like all i do is cause more damage even when im trying not to. my mind is still on fast forward. oh well, all i can do is hold on for the ride. i maybe on my own but for now i guess that is how it is meant to be. 


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Wow that doc is not cool. Docs should give you enough meds until the appt. there is no reason for him to do that. Also, I am not a doc but it sounds like you are possibly on too many meds...because having some not be available possibly could be really uncomfortable...

again im not a doc. I just wonder if you might want to be suspicious of a doc that gives you so many. 

Sometimes pharmacies will let you have two pills until you see your doc if your doc hasn’t or won’t refill them

saying you are demanding when not on meds is insane... I would not return to a doc that won’t refill meds until the appointment or that makes that comment he doesn’t have your health in mind...

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i tried really hard to get the refill to last me until i was able to see him.  i am still looking for a new psych doctor. as i said i think what he did was dangerous and was not thought through properly. i guess looking back yes i was demanding but i had to speak up because i knew that i couldnt stay safe anymore. i am doing better but still not where i need to be. its still up and down because the meds are getting back into my system. the nightmares have become to much to handle. i have to contact the agency twice a day again or else be put on a 48 hour hold. since i have a child i cant let that happen. so i am still trying to fight for myself. thanks for your comment it is appreciated

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@amallison0084 THAT IS INCREDIBLE! He’s a doctor? With an actual degree? And he took you off of ALL meds?? AT THE SAME TIME? Shitttt. I would have been LIVID! I’m frikin pissed off for you! It’s incredibly dangerous to stop taking just antidepressants so I’m sure stopping all of those was dangerous! I remembered I stopped taking my antidepressants and andtianxiety meds and my brain felt so weird. I can’t even describe how I felt. Also the demanding comment is f***ing sexist, just saying. Is there another Pdoc you can see? That’s appalling. 

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@Bluesclues. yes he is a psych doctor with an actual degree. yes he took me off ALL meds and i take 9 different medications. although i dont like being on medication the way he did it was uncalled for and in my opinion unethical. currently yes i have to take meds but do hope to come off of them if able to in the future. i was beyound pissed off but there was nothing i could do. what he did was dangerous and could have been worse than what it was. yes i told him that he was either putting me back on them or putting me in the hospital. i knew one way or the other i didnt care which but i couldnt take it anymore. i am looking into getting a different one.

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@amallison0084 yes! Uncalled. For and unethical! I was horrible at taking meds and I hated them. I sometimes feel like it would be better if I were back on them, but I think I’m okay, I hope the same for you, mess can suck. 

I am SO glad you’re looking into getting another one, you need one that knows how this works. Sitting with you!

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