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Christmas at Seven



I was seven, it was my favorite time of the year, Christmas and we had spent three tense hours putting up the tree and it was finally time to put up the angel and my dad grabbed me, lifted me up and was leering at me, looking up my skirt, i felt the heat and shame as he took me down and my mother glared at me. The same Christmas, my dad and I somehow got in the bedroom and he wanted to TW anally rape me so he fingered me and ended up ripping me pretty bad so we ran to the grocery store for cream and when he got home, he put it on my wound and it stung like hell, then mom came home and yelled at me for rest of night  blood on the sheets caused by having constipation, so these are the triggers i have to fight, christmas trees and toppers and music and Theresa hates this time of year and wants out and i am fighting so hard to forget that Christmas when I was seven. Teleah



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Safe hugs :hug: if okay?

im so sorry he hurt you on Christmas and he sounds such a perv... hope your doing okay today and keeping strong.



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yea you know reading that i am reminded of things my father did to me, how he touched me, and i want to rescue you so badly and then set them all on fire

i had constipation too as a child and used to wet my bed, he molested me first around christmas, rubbing my chest, and what i told you before about my bottom, my mother was useless, he helped himself to me for years, the results are not pretty, these men should be castrated and left to die, im so angry at this evil world and im so angry you and i are both suffering still with what we suffer with the world doesnt believe us or care we get discriminated against even i hate christmas right now just b.c. i have no one to spend it with, hope your parents burn and rot in hell, rescuing little teleah and comforting her as best i can love annie


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