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Something Positive



So let's try something positive today. Something that requires no analysis. I hope lol

Yayyy for 5 hrs of sleep all at once. I am the master of sleep now lol

I found out that my trainer loves to scare the new hires by telling them I am mean. He corrects it later. And I thought it was my RBF (Resting B#$%h Face)

I binge watched all the Star Trek Next Generation and Star Trek Voyager. Definitely not a trekkie but these 2 series I have always liked.

I am safe. 

I forgot no ones name today. My co-workers know this is a major accomplishment. I usually call every name until I get the right one. Me - 1 Brain - 2435 😁

I had didnt cuss anyone out. Another great accomplishment.

(Good Lord! This is quite difficult)

I made someone laugh. They were having a crappy day. 

I kicked my boss out of her office haha. She hates it.

I want to be here.

I like the bond I have with the people at my job. They drive me nuts but I can laugh while they do it.

My niece (8 yrs old) told her mom that even if her future husband doesnt like that she is picky, he will still love her. She is definitely going to need a patient man smh.

Even though it was hot as hell, the wind made it tolerable. Please bring some rain soon.

6 months and I will be at the ocean for a weekend. It's not much but I cant wait to put my feet in the ocean again.

My mom has not seen the inside of a hospital for over a year. That first 2 years after her body stopped producing insulin was rough. She has a good handle on it now.

Alright, that's enough. This required waaaay more thought than I imagined. Let's see if I can get another 5 hrs of sleep tonight.



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Ayyyye! This is great! The niece thing made me laugh. That's so cute ugh I love kids. I can relate to the name thing. I only have forty kids and I still can't remember their names! Good luck with the sleep!

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