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About this blog

I am not one to follow anything positive or advice when it comes to giving it to myself. I will immediately reject it and tell myself that I'm a fool for thinking I can trick myself into believing something I "know" (believe) is false.  Although, when I hear it coming from others and those who can relate, I listen more and am more open-minded.

While I don't listen to my own advice, I can certainly give it to others.  This blog is all about positivity!!  Having hope, belief, faith, trust, anything relating to something positive.  Including some things we often need reminders of like, "you're unique" and "no one is perfect."  Two common quotes that are often always said, but ones we should really start to believe more.

Entries in this blog

Stand Tall

Hey, how are you doing today? I hope things are well, and things are okay. I hope you see a future as bright as you, Never look down, you must do what you do.   Be strong, be tough,  I know you have it in you. Let's make them proud, And show them what we can all do.   Give it our hardest, To pass this test. Though the most important thing is, Try your best!    Do all you can, Stand up real tall. Show the world,
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