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About this blog

Don't expect many happy stories. Honestly I need somewhere I can write my fears, my cries, my struggles and yes sometimes my accomplishments. Somewhere I know I won't be bashed or hated or blamed or told to suck it up. So if you wanna read, well I hope something in here helps you. 


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Trauma never leaves us, only lessens with time.

To whom it may concern, I don't think about my trauma as much anymore. I don't wake up screaming every night anymore. I don't pull away from someones touch as often anymore. Those things are still there and probably always will be. Cruel reminders, scars that will always be there no matter how much I age, but with time, I've learned to breathe through the trauma, quiet the screams, and force myself closer to the people I want close.  It's not that it isn't still scary or isn't still pa


AllyHatter in Trauma

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