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Posted 15 October 2007 - 01:18 PM

Information for Local Crisis Centers in Montana

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Posted 31 August 2008 - 03:33 AM

AARDVARC: An Abuse, Rape and Domestic Violence Aid and Resource Collection--Montana
Link to website

Services by City
Listings from the Montana Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

Anaconda PCA Family Resource Center
Office: (406) 563-7972
24-Hour Crisis Line: (406) 563-7972
Service Area: Deer Lodge, Powell, Granite Counties

Anaconda Victim Witness Program
Office: (406) 563-2254
Service Area: Deer Lodge County

Montana Legal Services Association
Office: (406) 248-7113
Service Area: Yellowstone, Big Horn, Carbon, Golden Valley, Mussellshell, Park, Rosebud, Stillwater, Sweet Grass, Wheatland, Treasure Counties

Billings Area Family Violence Task Force
Office: (406)259-1233 or (406) 245-4472
Service Area:

The Billings City Attorney's Office Domestic Violence Unit
Office: (406) 247-8668
Service Area: City of Billings

Yellowstone County Attorney's Office - Victim Witness Office
Office: (406) 254-7947 - Domestic Violence
Service Area: Yellowstone County

YWCA Domestic Violence Program/Sexual Assault Services
Office: (406) 245-4472
24-Hour Crisis Line: (406) 259-8100
Service Area: Yellowstone, Carbon, Stillwater, Big Horn, Rosebud and Musselshell Counties

Jefferson County Victim/Witness Advocate Program
Office: (406) 225-4014
Crisis Line: (406) 439-1680
Service Area: Jefferson County

Gallatin County Victim Assistance
Office: (406) 582-2075
Service Area: Gallatin County and the City of Bozeman

HEARTS & HOMES Family Resource Network, Inc.
Office: (406) 585-8544
Service Area: Gallatin County

Help Center/Sexual Assault Counseling Center
Office: (406) 586-3333
24-Hour Crisis Line: (406) 586-3333
Service Area: Gallatin County

The Network Against Sexual & Domestic Abuse
Office: (406) 586-7689
24-Hour Crisis Line: (406) 586-4111
Service Area: Gallatin, Madison, Meagher Counties

Victim Options In the Campus Environment (The MSU Voice Center)
Office: (406) 994-7142
24-Hour Crisis Line: (406) 994-7069
Service Area: Montana State University

Butte Silver Bow County Attorney Victim Witness Advocate Program
Office: (406) 497-6243
Service Area: Silver Bow County - Butte, Rocker, Ramsey, Melrose, Divide

Montana Legal Services Association
Office: (406) 723-4612
Service Area: Beaverhead, Deer Lodge, Gallatin, Granite, Madison, Powell, Silver Bow Counties

Safe Space, Inc.
Office: (406) 782-9807
24-Hour Crisis Line: (406) 782-8511
Service Area: Silver Bow, Deer Lodge, Powell, Granite, portion of Jefferson & Madison Counties

Montana Legal Services Association
Office: (406) 338-7623
Service Area: Blaine, Glacier, Hill, Pondera, Liberty, Teton, Toole Counties

Rocky Mountain Victims Program
Office: (406) 338-5180
Service Area: Blackfeet Reservation

Tri-County Victim/Witness Program
Office: (406) 322-4333
Service Area: Stillwater, Sweet Grass, Carbon Counties

Hi-Lines Help for Abused Spouses
Office: (406) 278-3342
24-Hour Crisis Line: (800) 219-7336
Service Area: Chouteau, Glacier, Toole, Teton, Pondera, Liberty Counties

Crow Agency
Crow Victims Assistance Program
Office: (406) 638-3924
Service Area: Crow Reservation

Deer Lodge
Powell County Victim Services
Office: (406) 846-3680 ext. 203
24-Hour Crisis Line: (406) 846-2711
Service Area: Powell County

Women's Resource Center Advocacy & Safe Home Program
Office: (406) 683-6106
24-Hour Crisis Line: (406) 683-3621
Service Area: Beaverhead & Madison Counties

Rosebud & Treasure County Victim Witness Program
Office: (406) 346-2237
Service Area: Rosebud, Treasure Counties

Women's Resource Center of Glasgow
Office: (406) 228-8401
24-Hour Crisis Line: (406) 228-8400
Service Area: Valley, Daniels, Sheridan, Phillips Counties

7th Judicial District Victim Witness Program
Office: (406) 377-2818
Service Area: Dawson, Wibaux, Prairie, McCone, Richland Counties

Dawson County Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Program
Office: (406) 377-6477
24-Hour Crisis Line: (406) 365-6074
Service Area: Dawson, Wibaux, Prairie Counties

Great Falls
CASA CAN Children's Adocate Network
Office: (406) 454-6738
Service Area: Cascade County

Family Advocacy
Office: (406) 731-2161
Service Area: Malmstrom Air Force Base Personnel and Families

Mercy Home
Office: (406) 453-1018
24-Hour Crisis Line: (406) 453-1018
Service Area: Cascade, Toole, Pondera, Teton, Glacier, Chouteau, Fergus, Judith Basin, Meagher, Hill, Liberty, Blaine, Lewis & Clark Counties

Victim Impact Program - Pre-release Program
Office: (406) 727-3065
Service Area: Cascade County

Victim-Witness Assistance Program
Office: (406) 771-1180 ext. 219
Service Area: Cascade County

Voices of Hope
Office: (406) 771-8648 ext. 3336
24-Hour Crisis Line: (406) 453-4357
Service Area: Cascade County

Ravalli County Sheriff's Office Victim Witness Program
Office: (406) 375-6355
After hours msg. phone: (406) 369-0022
Service Area: Ravalli County

Office: (406) 363-2793
24-Hour Crisis Line: (406) 363-4600
Service Area: Ravalli County

Domestic Violence Program/Judicial Court
Office: (406) 353-2205 - ask for Domestic Violence Program
Service Area: Fort Belknap Reservation, Blaine County

District IV HRDC Domestic Abuse Program
Office: (406) 265-6743
24-Hour Crisis Line: (406) 265-2222
Service Area: Hill, Blaine, Liberty Counties

Friendship Center
Office: (406) 442-6800
24-Hour Crisis Line: (406) 442-6800
Service Area: Lewis & Clark, Jefferson, Broadwater Counties

Montana Legal Services Association
Office: (406) 442-9830
Service Area: Lewis & Clark, Jefferson, Broadwater, Meagher Counties

Violence Free Crisis Line
Office: (406) 752-4735
24-Hour Crisis Line: (406) 752-7273
Service Area: Flathead County

Lame Deer
Healing Hearts
Office: (406) 477-6412
24-Hour Crisis Line: (406) 477-6432
Service Area: Northern Cheyenne Reservation

Northern Cheyenne Tribe
Office: (406) 477-8222 ext. 162
Service Area: Northern Cheyenne Reservation

Fergus County Attorney Victim Assistance Program
Office: (406) 538-8127
Service Area: Fergus County

Office: (406) 538-2281
24-Hour Crisis Line: (800) 535-2303
Service Area: Fergus, Wheatland, Golden Valley, Musselshell, Garfield, Petroleum, Judith Basin Counties

Lincoln County Help Line
Office: (406) 293-9141
24-Hour Crisis Line: (406) 293-3223
Service Area: Lincoln County

Lincoln County Victim Witness Program
Office: (406) 293-7781 ext. 276
Service Area: Lincoln County

Park County Victim Witness Assistance Program
Office: (406) 222-4150
Crisis Line: (406) 222-2050
Service Area: Park County

Tri-County Network
Office: (406) 222-8154
24-Hour Crisis Line: (406) 222-8154
Service Area: Meagher, Park, Sweet Grass Counties

Phillips County Domestic Violence Program
Office: (406) 654-2442
24-Hour Crisis Line: (406) 654-1100 - Hospital
Service Area: Phillips County

Women's Resource Center of Glasgow - Satellite Office
Office: (406) 654-7340
24-Hour Crisis Line: (877) 972-3232
Service Area: Phillips County

Miles City
Custer County Attorney's Victim Witness Assistance Program
Office: (406) 233-8638
Service Area: Custer, Garfield, Powder River, Fallen, Carter Counties

Custer Network Against Domestic Abuse & Sexual Assault
Office: (406) 234-0542
24-Hour Crisis Line: (406) 951-0475
Service Area: Custer, Carter, Fallon, Garfield, Powder River Counties

Missoula Crime Victim Advocate Program
Office: (406) 523-4630 - Civil Advocacy (TOPs)
Service Area: Missoula County

Montana Legal Services Association
Office: (406) 543-8343
Service Area: Mineral, Missoula, Ravalli, and Sanders Counties

U of M Student Assault Recovery Services
Office: (406) 243-5244
24-Hour Crisis Line: (406) 243-6559
Service Area: University of Montana

YWCA of Missoula
Office: (406) 543-6691
24-Hour Crisis Line: (406) 542-1944
Service Area: Missoula County

CSK Tribal Crime Victim Advocate Program
Office: (406) 675-2700
Service Area: Flathead Reservation

SAFE Harbor
Office: (406) 676-0800
24-Hour Pager:
Service Area: Lake County and Flathead Reservation

Granite County Victim/Witness Program
Office: (406) 859-0105
Service Area: Granite County

Women's Resource Center of Glasgow - Satellite Office
Office: (406) 765-7144
24-Hour Crisis Line: (877) 972-3232
Service Area: Sheridan County

DOVES (Domestic Violence Education & Services)
Office: (406) 883-3350
Toll-Free: (800) 831-9987
Service Area: Lake County and the Flathead Reservation

Red Lodge
Domestic and Sexual Violence Services of Carbon County
Office: (406) 446-2296
24-Hour Crisis Line : (406) 425-2222
Service Area: Carbon

Musselshell/Golden Valley Victim Witness Assistance Program
Office: (406) 323-2540
Service Area: Musselshell, Wheatland, Golden Valley Counties

SAVES, Inc. - Satellite Office
Office: (406) 323-2602
24-Hour Crisis Line: (800) 535-2303
Service Area: Musselshell, Wheatland, Golden Valley Counties

Women's Resource Center of Glasgow - Satellite Office
Office: (406) 765-7133
24-Hour Crisis Line: (877) 972-3232
Service Area: Daniels County

Seeley Lake
Seeley-Swan Talk, Education and Protection
Office: (406) 677-3177
Service Area: Seeley-Swan portion of Missoula County

Richland County Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Office: (406) 433-7421
24-Hour Crisis Line: (877) 972-3232
Service Area: Richland & McCone Counties

SAVES, Inc. - Satellite Office
Office: (406) 566-2277
24-Hour Crisis Line: (800) 535-2303
Service Area: Judith Basin & Wheatland Counties

Mineral County Help Line
Office: (406) 822-4262
24-Hour Crisis Line: (406) 822-4202
Service Area: Mineral County

Thompson Falls
Sanders County Coalition for Families
Office: (406) 827-3218
24-Hour Crisis Line: (800) 265-0415
Service Area: Sanders County

Broadwater County Attorney Victim Witness Program
Office: (406) 266-9237
Service Area: Broadwater County

Virginia City
Beaverhead & Madison County Victim/Witness Advocacy Program
Office: (406) 843-4232
Service Area: Beaverhead & Madison Counties

Wolf Point
The Family Violence Resource Center
Office: (406) 653-1494
Service Area: Fort Peck Reservation

Northeast Montana Victim/Witness Program
Office: (406) 653-2999
Service Area: Phillips, Valley, Roosevelt, Sheridan, Daniels Counties