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Guest Message by DevFuse

Hey I'm New Here

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#1 Guest_SiempreSelena_*

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Posted 28 June 2004 - 07:25 PM

Hello everyone. My name is Jessica or Jess. I love tm and tmr and the 2 actors that play in them (Brendan and Rachel) also love Jhonny Depp. I'm also a Huge fan of Selena.

But anyways I've been sexually abused since I was 5 til I was 18, now I'm almost 19. But anyways like I was saying now he is in jail...thank goodness. But I always have that fear that he'll try to get out or will be in jail only for a few years ( but I hope he is in there forever) and plus I have been abused a few times in school.
Now when I'm around any guy it takes awhile to trust them...and when I go around guys, the fear comes back.

I'll go in more dep later...if you all want to hear it.

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#2 cervantes



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Posted 28 June 2004 - 09:38 PM

Hi Jess : -) welcome to AS, You'll find some of the most understanding, caring and supportive people here you could ever meet! Sorry you have a reason to be here.. but always glad to hear about another perp going to jail.

Also the anxiety/trust thing.. I think most if not all of us here suffer from that to some degree, understandably it sounds quite normal to the circumstance.


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#3 -Nene-


    Intrepid Innocence

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Posted 28 June 2004 - 11:12 PM

Hi Jess. Welcome to AS
Sorry for whats happened to you. I'm glad to hear his in jail now. It's ok to feel the anxiety you feel. It will ease a little with your healing.
Hope you find some support here. We're all pretty easy going people


#4 betty


    spero melior

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Posted 29 June 2004 - 04:55 AM

hug.gif hi jess
welcome to AS!
i'm sorry to hear about your pain but i'm glad your perp is behind bars- i only wish they'd keep them their for ever!
anyway i hope you find what you are looking for here, i'm sure you will because everyone is really supportive!



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Posted 29 June 2004 - 08:11 AM

Hi there,

I'm new here too! I have found the support here to be great, it is really helpful.


lucy hug.gif

#6 mariposa


    <Reclaiming my wings>

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Posted 29 June 2004 - 12:37 PM

you'll never regret having come here! this place is full of understanding and caring people,

#7 Guest_SiempreSelena_*

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Posted 29 June 2004 - 02:44 PM

hug.gif thanks everyone for all the warm welcomes
making me feel better all ready smile.gif

#8 Sookie



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Posted 29 June 2004 - 04:48 PM

Welcome,i hope u find wot u need here-this is a warm lovin friendly place/"family"..!!
Lookin forward 2 gettin 2 know u..!!
Take Care & Keep Safe!!!!!

hug.gif & wub.gif
Sookie xoxox

#9 dereliktdauter



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Posted 29 June 2004 - 05:33 PM


sorry to hear about your reason to be here, but glad that you found this place. i also struggle with anxiety and what not around men, and i think that its pretty normal for us. again, welcome!

hug.gif safe hugs

take care,

#10 Survivors sanctuary

Survivors sanctuary

    We were beset by conflicts without and by fears within

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Posted 01 July 2004 - 06:29 AM

A better group of people you will not find than on here, I hope they can help in some small way towards your healing, good luck on your journey hug.gif

#11 your.beautiful.mistake



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Posted 02 July 2004 - 11:26 AM


I'm so sorry to hear you've been through so much pain, but I'm glad the as*hole is behind bars.

Take your time to look around and make yourself at home.


#12 Guest_anonny_*

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Posted 02 July 2004 - 03:54 PM

Hi Jess!

So glad you joined here.. will be a wonderful healing place for you as has for many here.

Jess is a good friend of mine from a The Mummy/Returns board and i know what she's been thru, so, i gave her a little encouragement this will be a good place for her too as it has been for me. smile.gif

Love and Hugs ya,Sweets!

Warm welcome to all newbies here too..you found a great place!


#13 Guest_SiempreSelena_*

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Posted 02 July 2004 - 04:36 PM

I am so glad that he is too...and I hope so much that he doesn't get out and/ or doesn't find away to run away hmm.gif it worries me.
wave.gif now I can start living a new and normal life.

hug.gif thankies for the welcome and telling me about this board.
I don't think I could of made it this far without you, and talking to you
made me feel more freely thanx.gif for being there for me smile.gif.
throb.gif love ya, xoxoxo

(little Selena )

#14 phoenyx


    Native Spirit in the wind

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Posted 02 July 2004 - 08:52 PM

(((Jess))) Welcome to the group. I am sorry for the pain that has brought you here. I am glad the monster is behind bars! I wish i had enough courage in my past to have done the same. Hope you begin to find peace and healing here as I have hug.gif

#15 aquapit


    ~Beauty is all around~

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Posted 06 July 2004 - 02:47 PM

Welcome to After Silence! I'm sorry for everything that you have been through and I'm glad you found us. I'm glad to hear that your abuser is behind bars. I hope you find what you are looking for here.

kitty.gif Tracy