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Guest Message by DevFuse

Introducing Me (angelhugs)

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#1 Guest_AngelHugs429_*

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Posted 02 June 2004 - 07:20 PM


Hi I guess this is gonna be a post of introduction for Me, have known Haullie longgggg time now although we havent spoken in ages cry.gif missing Her as usual... Hopes Your doing okay Haullie hug.gif

Well I am 22 from UK, Im Portuguese american, kinda a mutt because i got german, french, irish, spanish, portuguese, american in me as well as english and romani lol... I am true blood romani btw... my mother was a romani gyspy, and no i live in a house lol. Well, a 1 bedroom apartment on ground floor which I hate.

Im a survivor of several kinds of abuse, mental, physical, emotional, sexual and ritualistic abuse that took place over the first 18 years of my life. I used to have a site, http://www.survivorshaven.tk, just not updated it in over a year, going to start working on it again soon *haullie did the flash! heheh*

I dont want to get into too much details, not in intro post anyway, because am kinda shy when starting in a new forum although I know Haullie, thinks Shes only one I know here.

Well, I guess thats it for now. smiles.


#2 Guest_queenie_*

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Posted 02 June 2004 - 09:15 PM



Welcome to After Silence. I am sorry you have a reason for being here; but I am glad you have found this place. I'm glad to see you love throb.gif Haullie throb.gif as much as WE do!! I hope you find the healing you are looking for. Welcome to the Family! bighug.gif


#3 phoenyx


    Native Spirit in the wind

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Posted 02 June 2004 - 09:18 PM

(((Angel))) Welcome to the group. I am sorry for all the pain that has brought you here. Everyone here is wonderfully supportive and this is a great place to be while on your healing journey hug.gif

#4 Guest_Madonna_*

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Posted 02 June 2004 - 10:05 PM

Angel, great to meet you! I'm so sorry for what you have been through! I hope you find comfort here. This place is amazing! hug.gif


#5 aquapit


    ~Beauty is all around~

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Posted 03 June 2004 - 01:18 AM

Welcome to After Silence! I look forward to getting to know you.

Take precious care of yourself hug.gif
Tracy throb.gif

#6 Alysure


    Specialized Catastrophe

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Posted 03 June 2004 - 02:32 AM


I'm sorry you had to suffer so much darling. We are glad you're here and hopefully I and everyone else can help you as much as possible :) <3

#7 Sookie



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Posted 03 June 2004 - 06:45 AM

smile.gif Welcome,i hope u get wot u need from this place & love it as much as i do!!!!!!

hug.gif & wub.gif
Sookie smile.gif xoxox

#8 Haullie


    Resurrecting my soul...

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Posted 03 June 2004 - 03:01 PM

throb.gif So great to see you here marianne! You may or may not notice this but being an admin I'm like the least active here due to my work schedule now but I try to find adequit time to come on-line and educate once or twice a week. This is my haven! So I know I'm not always around but I hope we get the chance to talk so many more times. I have missed you as well munchkin.

Love, Haullie

#9 Haullie


    Resurrecting my soul...

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Posted 03 June 2004 - 03:02 PM

P.S. I'm FLOORED by how good you look! You did everything you said you would do and I am proud of you for that marianne.

#10 Guest_AngelHugs429_*

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Posted 03 June 2004 - 03:43 PM

lol your still calling me munchkin? sheesh thought Id outgrew that lol.
Life still hectic as always. Am kinda in middle of court case at moment, my ex, tony, hes stalking me, looking into receipts, letting himself into house, refuses to give me keys, checking everywhere i go, what i eat, what i drink, everything. i feel so violated and nothing i can do at moment sighs.
trying get an injunction against him.
love you haullie have missed you terribly sad.gif

#11 Haullie


    Resurrecting my soul...

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Posted 04 June 2004 - 12:10 AM

throb.gif I'm glad to see that you look so healthy. But I'm afraid it may be at what price? If things are not as structual as they seem in pictures you can always start your new beginning remember that okay sweetie? There is still courage even now after so many years.

Love, Haullie

#12 betty


    spero melior

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Posted 04 June 2004 - 04:10 AM

welcome hug.gif

#13 Guest_AngelHugs429_*

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Posted 04 June 2004 - 08:15 AM


Ok I will give you the lowdown on what has happened to Me lately....

Back in March 2003 My father died, as You may already be aware Haullie. He had been diagnosed with Cancer in November of 2002 and by February was in and out of hospital after loosing so much weight it was unbelievable, it got to where I was a full time carer for Him, toileting, bathing, everything... Eventually he was called back to hospital for tests and they kept him in and he died at 8:32am Saturday morning of the 15th March 2003 at Chesterfield Royal Hospital, UK.

At this time I was working as a Head Accountant in the Town, and I had gone that friday before He died and all seemed fine. Sighs, I guess not. He woke up at 8am and ate breakfast... then He put His head down to sleep and He died. Of course, knowing His family (He was My foster Dad), I was the last to know about it.

A few weeks later, to help with rent, I took in a friend and Her boyfriend, Tammy and Ryan... and Her three kids, a 4 year old, a 2 year old and a 7 month old baby. Things were fine until they got possessive... they were lodgers and I was basically run out of My home for a while. When I finally returned to the home, it was in a right state... it was messed up, I had to have a new kitchen installed, new bathroom, the main bedroom floor had to be redone completely (there was a hole from the master bedroom to the living room)... so not sure what they did.

Anyway, for three months after returning from my step moms house after the break away, I put up with abuse from Her and Him... He would get the kids to damage the property within the house, I would be held up to the wall with knives, I ended up in hospital 6 times in one week because of the battering I took from him... it got to where I even tried to kill myself... gladly it didn't work, I was hospitalised for 3 weeks then once released I got My things together and I moved out into My step moms place with Her fiancee and My daughter, and two step sisters.

Was fine after that for a while until She became very snotty about things, regarding rent and whatever else... still getting death threats from Tammy's boyfriend Ryan (one of my old lodgers), the council kicked them out the house as they wasnt paying rent etc after I left it, so of course, I got beat up and blamed for that too... another hospital visit.

I just couldnt take it no more, I put myself into counselling then after a week of that I backed out, too nervous to open up to someone face to face, yah I still have that issue... trying to overcome it, but is near on impossible at this present time.

August comes and I meet Tony, My now ex. Anyway, was with him up until ummmmm two weeks ago, we was to get engaged and such but we aint now. I will get to that in a moment.

I moved into His apartment (1 bedroom flat) in November of 2003 and went okay, got on internet, enjoyed what time i spent on internet... but in December I put in for my own place and on 1st January my new tenency started in my very own apartment, he helped me move in, and decorate, and everything else, and everything was fine... moved in on the 17th February.

Anyway, to move recent crap... after finishing with tony hes been refusing to give me the spare set of keys back to my apartment. He has been spying on Me constantly, finding out things such as where Ive been, at what times, how long for, what ive been buying, looking at receipts, letting himself into my flat at 3am in the morning and stealing off with my cell phone, now ive had to report it stolen, and getting stupid injunction out of him, and everything else, and right now i feel like im being stalked, i have no privacy at all, i thought this would change when i got my new place... he wont leave me in peace... am sure its another form of abuse, because i felt just as bad when natural dad did what he did to me.

All i do right now is sit on bed and cry, curled up as tight as i can, or sat on pc venting... still full of tears... the self harming isnt as bad but i do get the strong urges... and i really do want to well you know, but im trying my best not to.

Haullie, Im not as strong as some make me out to be, i may have survived but whats it left me with?


#14 Ardatha


    Ardatha's Shadow Monster

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Posted 05 June 2004 - 05:16 PM


Sweetheart, do yourself a favor and get the locks changed on your apartment. It's not terribly expensive and can save you much grief. Maybe you could ask your landlord to do it for you. I think your peace of mind deserves that much, hon.

Good luck,