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Transgender Woman, Los Angeles

medical malpractice

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#1 failuretodiagnose

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Posted 31 October 2013 - 12:58 PM

Hello AfterSilence!


So, I've posted my story on another thread here, and so I won't repeat it.




I am new member here.  I live in Los Angeles.  I'm transgendered as the title says.  I'm a US citizen and 47 yrs old, and suffering undiagnosed from in vivo embalment of my groin during a sex change operation in Thailand in 2009, for which the toxicity continues to spread, continues to increase the area of embalmed tissue. 


I am an advocate for change to our healthcare system.  Because my problem has been swept under the rug, I've started an effort to publicize my case on the internet:


--I have a flickr account where I post photos that prove my case. 


--I have a youtube account where I discuss my ongoing journey to seek help. 


--I have a donation account on everribbon.com for donations to help my cause. 


Because of the nature of my case, I believe it needs to be publicized before I trust the medical industry with it.


I was born male and lived 35 yrs before deciding to do something about my gender identity issues.  By the time of my final surgery, I had been on female hormones for 8 yrs and had lived and worked successfully as a female software engineer for 4 yrs.  The requirements for getting a sex change are 1 yr on both of those. 


Because of the lack of help I have been given, I have chosen to concentrate my efforts to publicize my case, to expose this Thai doctor that hurt me, and to expose the corrupt health care system that allows my condition to continue without diagnosis and without treatment.


I am an advocate for health care reform and those that have been victim to it.  I ask others to join with me and say enough is enough.  There needs to be a conversation about our health care system and what needs to be done to fix it.  It isn't going to happen from those in Washington.


Kind Regards,



PS.  If anyone is in the LA area and wants to help me (eg document my story) then please PM me. 

#2 failuretodiagnose

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Posted 31 October 2013 - 06:18 PM

A further note...


If I had gone to a doctor that said "hey we think we can help you, but we don't want to call it formaldehyde exposure", should I have let the doctor help me?  After all, the treatment for my condition is surgical excision of the tissue.  If the tissue is excised, it prevents further spread of the toxicity.  I'm healed.  Who cares why the tissue wasn't viable.  Call it an infection or whatever, right? 
Wrong.  Wrong because the original doctor that did this to me gets to continue with no accountability, no deterence from doing this to future patients.  Wrong because doctors shouldn't get to choose between helping patients and covering up for other doctors.  Wrong because I have the tools to prove my case, and a will strong enough to tolerate it.
But in this process I'm going to be made to feel like the perpetrator, the exposer, the whistleblower. 


What's happening in Thailand?  How is it that a medical industry in the United States can cover up things and get away with it?  Is it the medical system or individual doctors that create this corruption?  What can we do about it?  If they can do this for the rare case of formaldehyde exposure, can they do it for anything else that they wish to cover up?  Are they already doing it?  Maybe they are, in which case should my case be used to spear head change?
A twitter user recently said that around 50% of malpractice cases in the United States last year were misdiagnosis cases.  Mine would fall into that category.  Failure to diagnose is saying either (a) you're normal and not sick, or (b) you're sick but we don't know why (and we don't know what tests to run to determine why).
I firmly believe that failure to diagnose is not a result of poor medical knowledge or science, but a consequence of a health care system that does not have checks and balances to prevent doctors from covering up for fellow doctors.  Look at the privacy policy your doctor publishes in his office (and in some cases makes you sign that you either have read them, or you agree to them).  That policy allows that doctor to see what previous doctors have said and done, prior to seeing you.  And it does this by lumping diagnoses in with treatment. 
It's called efficiency of care and sounds good on paper.  But the reality is certain people suffering very rare conditions and/or deadly illnesses need the ability to get a second opinion, and they need that opinion untarnished from any previous opinion.  And to do that, they need the ability to obtain diagnoses separate from treatment.  We live in a day and age were non-invasive tests are available that shouldn't require a doctor's consent (eg ultrasound and thermal body imaging, urine tests, blood tests, certain tissue biopsies).  If patients can get tests done, untarnished from any previous medical history, then I firmly believe we would see more doctors putting patients first, before thinking about getting away with malpractice.
I've had to research and diagnose my own case with what little tests I've been allowed to have done.  I've had to find the will to believe in myself and fight a system that is more about profit and greed than about caring for people.  I've had to do it alone.  I've had to come out of stealth and present my case with little to no credibility with the out-and-proud transgender community.
So will you join the fight?  Will you say enough is enough?
Go visit my links, my channel.  Make up your own mind.  And yes, photographs on flickr, and a rented thermal imaging camera from your local Home Depot, is all that is needed to prove that tissue has no heat.  And if tissue has no heat, it has no blood flow.  And if the tissue has no blood flow, but shows no signs of necrosis (which I've shown), then that tissue by definition is embalmed.
Kind Regards,

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#3 failuretodiagnose

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Posted 02 November 2013 - 04:34 PM

I can see that I might not get anyone to respond for the record.  I will close that I recently posted a video on my youtube channel, showing my recent thermography test, a test which I consider the final proof of in vivo embalment.


Perhaps this is the wrong forum for this kind of issue.  Although it involves the groin, and sex organs, of a woman, the nature of my attempts to diagnose it and expose it are just as strange and bizarre as the crime itself.


I won't bother you anymore with this.  With my story online, I no longer feel I am alone.  And I know that it's only a matter of time before my story gets the publicity it needs


Kindest Regards,


Stephanie Grow

#4 vakry


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Posted 02 November 2013 - 04:46 PM

:bighug: if okay. Welcome to AS. I'm not sure what to say or how to help. I'm sorry I'm short on words. But just wanted you to know that you are welcome and heard. And definitely not alone. :)

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#5 angelic


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Posted 02 November 2013 - 05:14 PM

hello Stephanie


welcome to AfterSilence, I'm Paula, one of the newbie support team here. You are welcomed and accepted here. Can I just advise you to maybe put your story in Share your Story forum, as you will get more people to read it and hopefully get some support.

if you need any help with the board, please contact me

take care. Paula

#6 lilly1978

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Posted 03 November 2013 - 12:15 PM

Dear Stephanie.
I didn't respond to your posts or read all of them, because it was too difficult for me. I didn't want you to feel ignored or left out.
I hope you find the healing and recognition you seek.
Kind regards Lilly1978

#7 ~FOUND~


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Posted 08 March 2014 - 09:36 PM