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  2. hi!

    Welcome. Everyone here is very supportive and understanding. I am glad you found your way here.
  3. hi!

    Hi, darklolix, and welcome!
  4. Hello all!

    Hi, rakit, and welcome!
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    Hi, Rian, and welcome!
  6. New here

    Hi, Willow1980, and welcome!
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  8. Greetings...

    Hi, Chise, and welcome!
  9. Hey guys!

    Hi, rgrace15, and welcome!
  10. New here

    Thank you
  11. hi!

    Hey I am seeing a therapist as well. If you ever need to talk you can private message me anytime.
  12. Last night I got quite the honor... of being the newest publicity director beginning in July. I'm a little freaked because my best friend is actually the one with the degree in PR. We laughed about that when I called her with the good news. Looks like I'll be brushing up on skills I haven't used in decades and OMG I will have to wear make up daily again.
  13. hi!

    Hi darklolix, Welcome to AS. I am very sorry for what you've experienced and the struggles you have faced. It is difficult when you feel alone. The good news is that here, we are not alone. This is a place of understanding and supportive members. We can relate to either your type or abuse or your struggles. I agree, many who have not walk this path really understand. Take your time and jump in when you are comfortable. I wish you the very best on this journey of healing. Mary
  14. hi!

    Dear @darklollix, Welcome to After Silence. I'm sorry to hear that you've suffered so much. First of all, I can assure you, this site is full of kind and caring people who understand. We know how painful experiences of abuse are and we know how painful it is when we people around us don't understand what it's like. Second, on our site, you are feel to move completely at your own pace. Take your time looking around and post only if/when you feel like you want to. We're here to support each other. Wishing you blessings and healing, Gold Raindrops
  15. hi!

    Hi, @darklollix I also only have a therapist for support so I understand that struggle and how alone that is. I am sorry for what brought you here and I’m sure you will find more than just answers to your questions. So many safe hugs is that’s okay
  16. hi!

    Hey guys, I'm darklollix <3 I decided to give this forum a try, since I often struggle with it all. I don't really have anyone to talk to except for my therapist. I don't want to really talk to people who don't understand either. I just want a bit of help when I need to and to have some long time questions answered. Hope y'all have a nice day ♥
  17. Hello all!

    Dear @rakit, Welcome to After Silence. I'm so sorry for the experiences that have brought you here, but I can assure you this is a kind and supportive community full of people who understand your situation. It sounds like you've already begun to explore our forums - I encourage you to keep doing so and post whenever you feel you'd like. Wishing you peace and healing, Gold Raindrops
  18. I'M TOXIC

    During the last couple months my life has fallen apart and my heart shattered to many times to count. i am just done trying to pick up the pieces its like a puzzle and they wont fit anyway. i used to think i was a good person but i guess that was a lie i told myself to keep going. im coming to the realization that im not a very good person but rather some would say toxic and that hurts to say, but like they say the truth hurts. i dont know where to go from here. i guess realizing the things that i am i am begging to question my behaviors that lead to the assults. example... if i hadnt gotten into my moms cabnet that day maybe the assults from her never would have taken place, i understand yes i was four but i should have known there would be consequences to my actions and although i could never have guessed they would be what they were, i did deserve that punishment. i wanted to look at adult things thus my mother teaches adult things. no i question with the other sexual assults even the most recent. what could i have done different to keep it from happening, did i show an interest, i dont know it just sucks that when all said and done i did this to myself and have NOBODY to blame besides myself. i wanted this entry to mean something and i guess it didnt go where i wanted it to other than continueing to realize the truth of the matter, and yes it is crushing to know that im not a good person in anyway shape or form never have been never will be i will always just be toxic.
  19. Last week
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    Hello @Rian, I am sorry that you have experienced trauma. Welcome to AS. I am also very new here. It is very brave of you to start posting, I know how hard it is to start talking about your trauma. If You need someone to chat with feel free to message me.
  21. New

    Welcome @Rian, it's nice to have you here. I'm sorry for your struggles and for what brings you here. It is a very supportive place, and I hope people here can help you, by listening and providing a safe space for anything you want to share, or just by being here.
  22. Hello!

    thanks to all of you
  23. Hello!

    Hi there
  24. New here

    Welcome, @Willow1980 - wishing you all the best in your healing process! I'm sorry you have reason to be here but am hopeful that you feel supported here. As others have said, our chat room is under construction. I do hope, though, that we'll have it up and running in the very near future. Until then, there's an abundance of different topics to gain support on in our other forums, so please do take your time to look around. Take care. Best wishes, Capulet
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    Welcome, @Rian - someone very close to me shares your name, although spelled Ryan. It'a a fine name if I say so, myself. Wishing you peace, comfort and healing - I'm glad you are here among us - this truly is a great community. Best wishes to you, Capulet
  26. Hello all!

    Hi @rakit Fellow Canadian here! I want to welcome you as well, and I hope you will find a sense of community here, because what we go through can make us feel very isolated. I am glad your therapist suggested the forum.
  27. New

    Hi @Rian, I know it can take a long time to start to talk about things, I was the same, and it's ok. It is totally up to you what to share and when, we are here to listen when you are ready. Sometimes it can be hard to put words to our experience. I wonder if there is one aspect of your current struggle that you could write about? I wish you all the best, and welcome.
  28. New here

    Hi Willow, Welcome to AS! As Mary has said, I hope you will find that our forums can offer you a place to share what you are comfortable sharing and receive some support and understanding from people who 'get it' . The forums here are well moderated for your safety. take care and hope to see you around the boards! g
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