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Google Chrome Issue?

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I normally use Google Chrome, my computer is too slow to run IE very well. I've noticed that when I go to this site on Chrome, I can't post or reply, because there is no box for me to type a reply into. The Topic title box appears, the Topic Tags box appears, but underneath it the whole module for putting in a reply including the buttons for smileys, formatting etc is gone. Ditto for PMing, the box to type a private message is gone. I'm posting this from IE, where everything works fine.

Before I go and destabilize my system by downloading a bunch of stuff, I'd like to get some feedback on what the problem is likely to be.

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I also use Chrome, and it takes a little longer for these things to show up for me, but they eventually do. Sometimes I have to click where it's supposed to be to get it to appear.

My Chrome problem is in chat. It doesn't scroll on it's own so I don't see new replies unless I manually scroll it down, and then it'll freeze up after scrolling.

I don't have that problem on IE, but I hate IE.

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I have never tried using chrome on here, but I do know many people who have issues when using it. Can you try mozilla firefox? I use that and have never had any issues.

Hopefully John might have some more insight on to what the problem might be.


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I've been using CHrome here all along, but I've never run into any issues with it, though I did on another forum hosted by the same server.

It turned out it was not Chrome creating the issue. Rather, it was the forum host server.

:( I hope it can get worked out.

I've never used Firefox, so I can't say if it would be better or not. :)

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