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Does It Get Any Better

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hi iv been coming on here the last few days i was attacked and raped a month ago,really struggling today,not really expressed my emotions but today spent the day crying.i really struggling don't think i can get through.feel so alone n afraid

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Sorry to hear wat uve been thro amanda. we are here for you so dont feel alone. u r stronger than u think. uve been thro hell and its ok to let ur emotions out. Im here if u need to talk. keep strong

B xx

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Hi Amanda,

I can tell you it does get better. Your experience was so recent though, that you are probably still partly in shock. Do you have a counsellor or someone you are talking to about what happened?

I know when you're young you can feel so powerless (I was molested when I was 13 or 14) and you might feel like you can't change things. But you can get through this, I promise you things will get better. Please reach out if you feel like you are unsafe or going to hurt yourself.

I know how terrible and scary feeling like you're alone and not coping is, please know that you have support here on AS and take care of yourself.

Also, sometimes just writing whatever is in your head - either on paper or on AS helps you recognize and process some of the emotions that are overwhelming you.

Sending you some safe hugs and my support

:hug: :hug: :hug:


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thanks b i have no one.ifeel so bad i don't think im gonna get through this. just need these feelings to go away.but that only means one thing.so much going on n to take in but how can u wen all u feel is pain sadness n anger n all the what ifs

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I know u want the feelings to go but the way out ur thinking of isnt the option. i wasnt raped like i were so do not truly understand ur pain but i was sexually abused as a child and only recently spoke out about it and started coming to terms with it since then. when it first came out I was in a very bad place and I thought. about ending it cos it seemed like the only way out of it all. Im so glad I didnt tho...I stuck it out, worked hard in therapy and got thro the worst. It still hurts...likr mad sometimes and im a long way from being over it but I get thro and life is bearable again. Uve been thro an ordeal that noone should have to go thro and its ok to think that theres no getting over it bit please please I beg u to give it some time for u to begin to heal. U CAN DO THIS. dont let him wim. UR strong amanda and you will ge thro. Im here for u xx

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i don't want to bring u guys down with me but thanks so much.ilots of what ifs.maybe afraid of being judged.suffered child abuse for 7 years kept it in because i felt bad bout letting it happen n by not sharing it it was like a nightmare with the flashbacks n then at 43 the rape 5 weeks ago.god im so weak. x

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One word I would never use to describe u is weak!! Youve shown enormous strength of character to come thro the abuse as a child and then trauma as an adult! What happened when u were a child was not ur fault and u shouldnt blame yourself. you did not let anything happen because you were a child and had no choice. This was bad enough but to have endure your assault recently too...god knows how u must be feeling. of course its going to bring all the old feelings flooding back. I really wish there was something I could say or do to make things better for you but all I can do is tell you how well u r doing and to say that I am here for you to offload anytime. U wont drag me down because the pain is yours not mine (god knows I wish I could take some of it away from you) but maybe by offloading itl take some of the pain away. We are all here looking for some answers to help ourselves heal...lets do it together. u r not alone...u r not weak and u wi NEVER be judged by me.

B x

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Hi hunny. I know you feel like that right now and I am in no way here to belittle your feelings. I understand honestly I do. I do not share your eact experience but I know it feels like theres no way to go on and nothings ever going to get better. But it can and it does hun. Its been about 4 months since I last had thughts that life wasnt worth it but Im so glad I didnt do anything about it. Its been very hard getting though and some days are harder than others but life is good again. Its not great, theres still bad days and I still have a long way to go..I wouldnt be on this forum if I wasnt still seeking help and understanding for what happened but things have got better. Im not going to sit here and say to you everythings going to be ok..im not psychic and noone knows but I know you have the potential to turn things around. You are strong, stronger than you know or feel but the strength and determination so need is there, deep inside of you and youve just got to try and find it. Becasue life CAN get better with the right help and support and time and a lot of hard work. Please Hunny dont give up. Youve got so much support even if its only online...we truly are here for you! Is there no way of getting some help in "real life"...I would really advise you to do this...get some crisis support or turn to a trusted friend. I know nothing of the courts Im afraid as Ive never been through them. Please lovely if you need to talk reach out. You can do this. Your life is not over. It CAN be good again however much you feel it wont. Big hugs

B x

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Hi there.
Welcome to AS.

I hope you find this site to be helpful.

It does get easier.


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