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What's With The Huge Boxes

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What's with the huge boxes beside all the forums with what looks like a band that says Fogaze? They look like links? Tiny bit Leary about them?

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Maybe I'm paranoid but I think I'm gonna refrain from posting until I get an answer on this one.... It seems rather odd to me?

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Obviously that had something to do with me - not sure what happened - I was using an old computer over the weekend. I hope I didn't break AS - won't use that stupid computer anymore. :( (maybe I should get rid of the picture, too?)

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I am not sure what you're referring to sorry. If it happens again, press PRTSC which put a screen shot of the screen into the clipboard, paste it to a paint, and PM it to me and I'll have a look.

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John it was extremely weird I signed in signed out they were there signed off then came back and they were all gone.... I'm using an old iPad I haven't been able to upload a picture to AS ever so a screenshot wouldn't have helped.... To be fair I was exhausted and thought I imagined the whole thing... They are gone now.

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