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New Survivor Site Re Posted.

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For weeks now I been trying to contact staff by pm. Must have tried at least 7 different staff but cant seem to get an answer from any of them. I already posted this in the Welcome forum a few days ago not knowing where to post this but now that I think about it, This might be more appropriate here. Please I would very much like to know if it be appropriate if I posted the link to another sexual abuse survivor site? I have some friends that run another survivor site and really need CSA incest and other sexual assult survivors there. My friends from this other survivor site want me to advertize their board on AfterSilence. What is the most appropriate way to go about this? If this is the wrong thread to post this in, Im really sorry, I dont know where to put it. I been trying for a long time now to contact staff on this matter and no one has found any interest. Please can someone help me with this? :(

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I'm not quite sure how long ago you contacted 7 staff members about this, but please keep in mind there are hundreds of members and not nearly that amount of staff. :) They are likely bombarded on a daily basis with an inbox full of messages that takes time to go through and respond to accordingly. Have these messages to them been recent?

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Most recent http://www.aftersilence.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=99085#entry968684

Sorry I didnt know staff was backed up. Had I known that I wouldnt have asked so much. I thought that staff just didnt have any interest in my request. I just kept asking one after another until someone was interested. I had no idea you guys were backed up with requests. Sorry. Since your so backed up right now, I will hold off asking anymore and wait patiently. Hope you can forgive me. Wasnt trying to be an asshole. :(

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Patience is probably your key. In the meantime, I had another look at the Board Rules & Posting Rules, located here: http://www.aftersilence.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=194. By the looks of it, advertising/promoting another survivor website might be okay if done correctly. I would advise contacting the email address given in the rule I've copied from the Board & Posting Rules link. aftersilence@aftersilence.org
Between emailing that email address and the PM's you've sent to various staff members, I'm sure someone is bound to get back to you :) I'm not really in a position to answer your question any more than this, as I'm not sure I qualify as "staff" lol. In any case, I hope I've helped in some form, and I hope someone in a higher position gets back to you soon.

8. Spamming in any form is not tolerated. This
includes, but is not limited to, commercial listings, promotion of
commercial and/or personal websites, etc. Active members of the board
are of course encouraged to share their personal websites and suggest
helpful resources. However, registering for the sole purpose of
promoting your website or other people's website, book, or event is
considered extremely rude. If you only wish to promote something of
benefit for survivors, please contact us at
aftersilence[@]aftersilence.org instead and, upon review of your
material, we will be more than happy to promote it on your behalf.

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This is why I asked for permission before taking any action. Basically was asking if it was aloud and where appropriate to post it. I havnt posted the link anywhere. Not yet anyways. Not till I have permission to do so because I respect the board rules.

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