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i'm not computer savvy but i want to post my art work on here. can someone help me with that? - keeping in mind i'm basically an idiot when it comes to computers. I know how to copy and paste texts - that is huge for me but that is about all i know how to do.

appreciate any help at all please

thank you


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To put your pictures in here, you go to where it says more reply options, that will bring up more options to choose from. Then you click on browse and it will bring up pictures from your computer. Pick the one you want by clicking on it. Then click where it says add attachments and it will put it right under this big box (bottom right). It will say add to post or delete. Click add to post and it will put the jpeg number in this box. Do not alter that number. If you want to say something about the picture, you can say it before or after the attachment is put in the post, just make sure to either hit the space bar a few times or the enter key. Once you are done with all of that, hit add reply and it should be done! Do note that not all forums can have pictures put in them, such as the domestic violence one (not sure of the others), but you will know by whether or not the browse thing comes up. I hope this helps. Good luck!!


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ok now be patient w/me.

but when im typing this reply to you, i see in the lower right hand corner post and more reply options. but when i click on more reply options i do not see a browse.

is it a button that says browse?

i see the eraser, font, size, smileys, my media, etc. but not browse.

am i missing something?

help! lol!


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  • 4 months later...

Hey Ann,

I think that's because you can only post pics on certain boards. This one doesn't have the facility so you won't find a 'browse' button on it.

Go to another board ~ probably the Healing through Creativity one if you're posting pics. Open a new topic. Scroll down and you should see at the bottom left under the text box the browse button. Then follow the instructions from there that Silentnomore gave you.

Good luck!


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