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Hi there, I am one of those quite foreign student or exchange student that you often see at school but no one really talks to. the isolation and language barrier especially put me in extremely dangerous and vulnerable place in the country where I had been subject to abuse of various kind and rape by older married men with established reputation in the community.

I am going to share my life story in entirety but I also feel this place would be especially suitable place to be able to connect with other survivor of similar interest and story.

I don't know if there should be law where foreign students should receive and be able to benefit from legal protection in other countries but my attempt at seeking Justice has failed me greatly.

I guess the people at governmental agencies have decided to work with the rapists to protect their reputation and crime instead of helping the victims. and mind you, I am not only talking about countries like United States or other neighboring nations but other equally or more corrupt countries like Korea as well. We have had many women in various sects of society committing suicides and dying due to these rape crimes. I want those stories to be also acknowledged by the international community as well. Because I am a believer that if a victim is assaulted by dozens of men, I believe they all should be sentenced and pay for the crimes they had committed, instead of trying to remedy the circumstances with money and other stuff. it just seems unfair to me.

I am not going to share the details of crimes on this introductory page as I will save it for future occasions. but I am mainly interested in connecting with people who feel that women should be free from sexual violence of any kind no matter where they were born or from.

So I would like to welcome support from people on here who feel and can understand feeling very violated and misunderstood and ignored as a person of different background.

and I also would like people to acknowledge the presence of foreign sex slaves as well, the ones who don't have much leverage in legal protection from the country nor can they articulate much thoughts in the language and how they have been brainwashed, chemically induced and controlled to be subservient to fulfilling man's sexual needs. I am talking about the mind-controlled sex slaves who are currently sexually exploited not out of their genuine desire but due to manipulation and systematic control. and the rape and sex crime they go through and experience are exactly the same kind of pain that other survivors on here can identify with.

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Welcome to After Silence Seraphim. I am sorry for what you have experienced/ing and I am also sorry to learn what the women in Korea are also experiencing. I understand your feelings of violation and isolation. If you ever feel like talking, feel free to message me.

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Hi there.

Welcome to AS.

I hope you find this site to be helpful.


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