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You have access to story section after making 10 post. Man member only get access to man section. Woman member need ask pass word for woman section.

I do not know any thing about phone using~

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I actually don't have access to either of those forums. I'm gay so I guess I wouldn't fit in either forums. I just was really looking to tell my story. I get second thoughts so fast though but thanks I read another thread about it. And this is actually my tenth post I believe.

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Sexual orientation is not mattering. Woman can ask for pass word for woman forum. Man have access to man forum. Not matter if gay straight bi asexual any thing. Story section automatic can get in when have 10 post.

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Ah I think I am see problem you have. With other post you are make it seem you are man. But when you make account you accident say you are woman. You will need send messege for moderator changing this for you. I will report you profile with hope they will notice more fast and help you~

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You go to the bottom of the page and find where it says the moderating team. Click on it and it will give you a list of moderators. John generally is pretty quick about getting things done. The you click on where it says to send him a message, via PM (personal messenger) and you can let him know what you need to tell him there. Then you wait and hopefully he will get back with you soon. But be patient, he is in Australia, so it may take a little longer, depending on where you are. I hope this helped some! And welcome to After Silence!


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I was just wondering that today too.

I hope you found out how to do it.


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