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Logging In To As

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Can anyone please help me? I'm not sure if I am posting this in the wrong place or if it is an appropriate post or even if I should just ask a moderator?? I am having to log-in twice to gain access to AS, is there anything that can be done about this and has anyone else experienced such a problem??

Thank you


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I have issues with it keeping me logged in, if I go to somewhere else and then come back to AS. And then I have to relog in and it will tell me I can't do that, but then I click on forums and it has me logged in. It is rather weird!


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Ditto.....drives me crazy. It tells me that I have successfully logged in, but I'm not actually logged in. I do it again and it tells me that I don't have access - yet I'm now logged in. The only way to access the forums at this point, however, is to click on my name and go in through my profile page. Once I do that, I'm in. Like SNM said, though, I can't stay logged in. For a while it was fine, but now if I leave the site I have to jump through those hoops all over again.


Okay, this is interesting. I ended up on this thread because I wasn't logged but I saw the title so I came here to join the conversation. When I finished typing the statement above I clicked on another forum and I am now fully logged in.

:hmm: ?????????????????????????

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Hi Silent no more and Will Thrive,

Thanks for replying to my post, sorry to hear you are also having trouble with After Silence. I have messaged Vera and Becky but both have yet to get back to me. Someone it chat said that John was very good with Admin, so I have messaged him in the hope he might be able to shed some light. I'm not sure what else can be done. Will keep trying so thank you for your input.

Thank again,

Take care,


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I believe it was a script issue, which I think I've solved now - can't be 100% sure, will have to see if it happens again.

If anyone is having problems getting access to site, and cannot log-in please email aftersilence.org@gmail.com with your details.



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Now it is being dumber than before, took me three times to login in, even with my info!! And then even though it said I wasn't logged in, I clicked new info and it brought up like 4 topics. Then I tried to sign in and then it allowed me to sign in. And I was on the new content page and then to get back to the forums I had to click on where it says " A message board and chat room for rape, sexual assault, and sexual abuse survivors" which is directly under that black bar that goes across the top of the page. Also my spell check has disappeared. What's up with that?


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also having problems. sometimes i can log in, other times not. not sure what to make of it.....

and when i try to post to a topic, while signed in, it won't post.... so i refresh the page, then it tells me i'm not logged in and need to log in to post! but then i can't log in! - i will put in my info, click log in, and then nothing! ... just... same page asking me to log in.... very confusing....


edit: woot! it worked that time! yeesh.......

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I've never had a problem with logging in until tonight. I had remained logged in for weeks at a time. Tonight I had to log in several times to be logged in. Hopefully it doesn't become an ongoing problem for me too.

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I'm having the same problem, i go to click on a link and it says i don't have access, so i go to log in but it doesn't let me.

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it is because it keeps reverting to www.aftersilence.org/forum where the forum has been at www.after-silence.org since the crash

however now whenever i click on anything it is reverting back to aftersilence without the dash and so won't let me do much at all! i can't log into chat and it is driving me nuts!

what's going on mods?

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Broken when you put your name and password in, and then it acts like you havent done anything. Click view new content. It will show a couple of threads. When it does that click on sign in again and the sign in thing will pop back up. Sign in again and it should have you signed in viewing all the new content. Once you do that, you can click on the thing that says "A message board and chat room for rape, sexual assault, and sexual abuse survivors." which is directly under the long black bar acroos the top. That should bring you to the main forum page and you should be able to access chat from there, Or whatever you are wanting to do. That is how I have been getting in, at least until they firgure out the issue. i hope this helps some!!


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