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I had an appointment with the doctor and my therapist today

HATED the first appointment to bits!!!!

Looking into the mirror i saw someone but it wasn't me

had loads of questions again and again checking this doing that

then eventually i was left alone couldn't get out of there fast enough

when i got to the T she must have sensed something was wrong

she talked and smiled and asked questions and and and

but i just couldn't answer her - i listened i heared but i just couldn't speak

the only thought i had in my mind is that if i can't look at myself in the mirror

then what does others see when they look at me ?????

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They see someone beautiful!!

Nothing's wrong with you, the crime that was committed against you does not make you less of anything, it doesn't make you less beautiful either.

But Hun you will soon look at yourself in the mirror and see a very beautiful person

And you will soon have a voice to speak what you want!!

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Thinking of you.


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