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Hi New Again...

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hi im moiradiane......im new..had been here only a few days before "the great crash".

had a horrible childhood...am hoping to learn to speak and to somehow lessen the bigness of it all..

i feel that at 48 i should be over it already...and yet it rears its ugly head constantly.

would love to sleep peacefully and be ok in my own self...hope i can also bring some support to others

even in the little while ive been here..i have found comfort in being not alon..in being understood...so thank you..

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Welcome Moiradiane! Good to see you!

The word speak is not orange for me either. But I'm glad you are working on these things to heal further. No matter what age you are this still can have a big effect!

So, don't feel that you are somehow less because you are still effected by what happened! Please be kind to yourself!


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Welcome Moiradiane,

Everyone heals at thier own pace. And all you can do is reach out. Everyone here seems so positive, so it sounds like this is a good place to be. You have the power to take back your control no matter how old you are, and I hope we can help you with that.

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Hi there.
Welcome to AS.

I hope you find this site to be helpful.

Very nice to meet you.

I don't think there really is a time limit of healing.

It is different for everyone.

What I do know is, the more we speak, the more we break silence.

The more we break silence, the more free we become.

And that's what i am going to do, and free myself so I can fly like a butterfly.

I'm glad you're here and wanting that part of your journey to be lessoned in pain.

I am proud of you for writing that.



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Aww you're welcome.

You can be a beautiful free butterfly.

Keep working on your journey the best you can.

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