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How Reporting Thread?

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Not stupid at all.

BTW, you can also report a member by clicking on their name to open their profile and then click the report button on the lower right corner. Seeing that some new members post plenty of spam, thus after reporting spam, I switched to reporting those spammers now.

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I concur with the others Sammi, certainly not stupid, the new AS system is certain very different to the old. It's completely understandable it a learning curve. Also as Jen pointed out, there's a report spammer button a profile which will also notify us moderators of the issue with a particular member and if they're a new member we will review all there posts, and if they're a spammer, ban them.

Please don't feel you're stupid for not knowing it totally understandable, we're here to help. Give me a PM if you require assistance.

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Good question Samii and answers!

Now my turn...........my question is what is spam and how can we be aware of it as JenD shared, some new people spam..........hmmm that makes me feel a bit unsafe......is there something to be aware of here and how do we recognize spam........what is it even? (I'm trying not to say my question is st**** but.................. :no2:

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Most time spam is person or program that is only paste link and information use for making money. It is like when you are walking in street person try give you flyer for stupid thing or convince you buy thing that is stupid and not work and have no reason buying. Spam is doing this on internet.

Many time it is program that is made doing this with no person control it. This why when join many web site and forum there is code need put in. Because most time spam program can not read it. Way AS is before administrator need approve every new person personal. I do not know if is still this way. But it is more easy for spam account coming here. In more time I am sure moderator will find way that this is not so much problem in new forum here. Before this time is coming I will always report these member~

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Thank you Samii for the good explanation of what spam is............I did not know..........I'll keep an eye out and report it too! Thanks again

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Thanks Samii. Good explanation, usually spammers get paid by the clicks they get on there links, (pay per click) - which is the most common marketing model on the internet - and usually a good one unless exploited. We have software to try and prevent spammers, and it works well, most done get through, but we do get them come through as no prevention program is perfect.

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