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"after Silence"

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After Silence...

Breaking Free

Free to talk

No more secrets

No more lies

Becoming beautiful

Becoming strong

I am a survivor, no longer a victim

I am a supporter

I am a helper

I am special and not really so alone after all.

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I wasn't aware we could get wrist bands- I must have missed that. How do I get one?

What does AS mean to me? I guess it means that I won't be judged or shamed and that I can speak my feelings without fear of potential consequences or embarassment/humiliation.

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I came to AS at a time when I didn't believe I could go on another hour without killing myself. The first post I got talked about gentle healing and offered such warmth and support. I just sat there feeling that maybe there were people out there in the world who could understand me. Getting so much advice, support, knowledge and love and being able to give to others has been the one thing that has kept me going.

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some really good insights here...

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While my first thought was a description of life after we've spoken up about our abuse, further thought significantly changes that. Now, it carries a new meaning for me:

For me, it's that moment after the abuse has just stopped. Everything is silent, and you know that something horrible has happened to you. You suddenly know that you have to begin a completely different journey than you'd expected. Thus, after the silence is the phase immediately after abuse and for the rest of your life.

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No longer silent.

Free to speak.

Free to be me.

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