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Maybe I Was Lucky

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Hi everyone.

I was drugged and assaulted ten days ago. I avoided being raped somehow. Everyone says I'm lucky, but I don't feel so lucky. I feel violated. I don't feel safe anymore. So many of my friends don't think it was a big deal. I just need some validation and some support. Hoping to find that here. Thanks for listening.

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drugged and assaulted ... THIS IS A BIG DEAL. they are the lucky ones who dont know how hard these situations are and if they think that being raped would have been worse it wouldnt, it would have been different. You are hurting and You ABSOLUTELY have the right to feel violated. YOU WERE violated. I am so sorry this is happening to you. Ten days is very soon so please take gentle care. we are here to support you . Never to invalidate your experience.

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Hi, welcome to AS. I read your story on another thread. It certainly is a "big deal". Your friends aren't the ones that went through it, so don't let them make you feel like it's not important. It's how you feel about it that matters. Don't worry about not having had as "bad" experience as other people. I have felt like that too, reading other people's stories, but anyone that's here is here for a reason. Something bad has happened that's making them struggle with life. Whatever your story, unfortunately there will always be something worse that could have happened, but it doesn't take away the pain that you are feeling.

I hope you can find the healing that you need here at AS. :hug:

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It is definitely a big deal. I hope AS can support you in your healing and help to validate your (totally justified) emotions right now.

Welcome, we are all in the same boat! :hug:

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Don't ever let anybody undermine what you went through! Like everyone else is saying, they will never know how it feels unless it has happened to them. I'm here to support you, just like everyone else :)

So glad you found AS :flowers:

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Thank you all so much. I means everything to know that I have some support and that there are people out there who care and understand. I know I am only in the beginning of sorting through all of this, but I hope I can turn this into a growing experience instead of a crippling one, and maybe meet some good people in the process of healing from it. Thank you again. (hugs)

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Hi herecomesthesun, welcome to AS :)

I am so sorry someone did this to you, I have to agree with everyone else, this is a big deal, it is not something you can just shrug off as nothing, unfortunately poeple who haven't been through something like this often react terribly to us when we tell em - It has something to do with making them feel better, nothing to do with the truth of the situation - if they downplay what we went through then they can carry on as if everything is still fine

I am so very glad you have reached out for help so soon after this has happened to you, I think this gives you the best possible chance for the best recovery and I widh you all the very best. i hope that you will find you can reach out here any time you need to talk about anything of this, you will find people here will understand


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Hi there.

Welcome to AS.

I hope you find this site to be helpful.


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