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Hi, I'm New Here

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My best friend showed me this site yesterday. When I was 8, I started getting sexually abused by my step-sister. It continued for at least 2 years. Whenever I would go to my dad's house, it would happen. I was scared to tell anyone. Then it "accidently" slipped out to my mom one day at lunch, and nothing has been the same since then. My step-sister got away with nothing, and I have to live with this horrid memory for the rest of my life. My own "dad" even took her side, saying she didn't do anything. That's my story.

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welcome to AS!

i hope you get supports as much as I do here:)

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Hi there.

Welcome to AS.

I hope you find this site to be helpful.


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Thank you all for the lovely welcoming wishes. =]]

You are so very welcome.

I hope you are finding your way around the boards ok.


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Welcome mafrank. May you find the help you are looking for on this site. I am very sorry for your situation.

- Alexis

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hi and welcome to AS, im pleased your best friend showed you this site,

im sorry your step sister did this to you and that your dad took her side, but am pleased you are reaching out now for the support, i hope you find this place as amazing and helpful as i do.


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Thinking of you.


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Welcome to After Silence :flowers:

I'm terribly sorry for what your step-sister did to you, and for your father's betrayal. Sadly, it seems to happen that way more often than not.

We are glad you found us and hope this will be a place where you can grow beyond that horrible experience. There is a lot of love and support here and people who understand how painful it all is.

You are not alone.

Take care,


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