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Another Topic/thread For 'sexual Assault: Different Types'

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So I noticed that there is a thread on 'Sexual Assault: Different Types' for SA with out violence...

Is it possible to have a thread on there for SA that included/involved violence?

Talking to some members on here makes me feel like I'm in the minority of those who got hurt physically as part of the SA...

And sometimes I feel like I'm also one of the minority who tried to fight back or resist physically and got hurt because of it...

While all rapes are horrible and damaging, not all included physical violence. I would like for there to be a place where I don't feel so alone or the odd one out...

Maybe I am just being silly... But lately I keep running into more and more members where the question of, 'was it rape?' is getting harder and harder to answer.

I never had a doubt that I was attacked and raped, neither did my attacker. I had the marks and bruises on my skin and the threats of more pain he promised me if I didn't start to cooperate. I KNOW it was rape. It was violent.

Can there be a place for those of us who were SA with/including physical violence?

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Sexual Assault with violence is generally implied. When most people think of 'rape' it is in a violent manner. SO much so that a category has been added to the 'different types' that is specific for those who did NOT experience violence. I do not believe you are alone in your experience. The majority of victims have endured some form of violence (as did I as well).

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Though I did not experience violence, not really, I can understand that those who did experience violence need a place, a threat under which they could reach one to another and stopped feeling like this kind of abuse happened to them alone. It's true that the majority of the society associates rape with violence, the word in French for instance is viol and only a couple of more letters are needed to be added to form the word violence (which is the same word in French); in Polish the word gwalt kind of focuse more on sometihng sudden but also violent. I'm glad that there are places like AS that do not follow what the majority of the society wrongly think and assume. But why should we ignore the need of others to have a thread which specifiy that their abuse was with violence? I was relieved to find out that others have experienced abuse without violence, that this was not just me. So why not do the same for those who feel the need to have a thread when violence is clearly specify?

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Thanks for your suggestions - although sexual assault, rape etc, inherently involve some violence, it's not always the case, and as such I can see why you made this suggestion. I will take it to my fellow moderators and we'll discuss it from there


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