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How Do Topics Get Pinned?

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a while ago there was a post on a place for our inner children to come and be safe. it was never pinned and i cant find it. how do some topics get pinned and others not?

thanks for ur help!! :hug:

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Hi Sarai,

I can explain this if it helps :flowers: - It's a function that only board moderators and administrators have, they choose topics that are of importance to the board to be pinned. For example, the guidelines for a particular forum are usually pinned to the top of there respective forum.

They also choose from time to time other topics they feel will be helped if kept at the top of a forum to be pinned. Topics can also be unpinned from time to time also if that topic is no longer needed to be pinned (e.g. relates to a past event etc)

Whenever I've talked to the moderators they're always very open to members suggestions also - so if you've have a thread you think should be considered for pinning just send a PM :)

I hope this helps explain how that works? :flowers:

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