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Full Name Of Researchers

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hey mods and admins,

i noticed that in this topic


the researcher's last name was removed, i suppose in accordance with the forum guidelines.

i see how this rule makes sense for survivors, but researchers are not here as survivors or private people, they are here as professionals, and therefore neither claim nor should be "forced" into anonymity (imho).

on the contrary.... i find it very important that researchers identify themselves with their full name, name of their institution, and preferably full name of their supervising researcher (if applicable).

there have been, in the past, attempts by shady individuals to get sensitive and confidential information from us by posting "research" requests. normally, it is easy to spot those, bc for one those people tend to have no idea about research and the conventions used (like naming the purpose of the study, informed consent, etc.) and for the very reason that they shy away from giving their full name as well as other identifying information.

we need their full name for checking the legitimacy of their request, e.g. via google, which is why those who are serious researchers give this information freely, and those who are not do not give it at all.

so basically.... i am asking that for safety reasons, the rule of anonymity should not apply to reasearchers here, and should not be enforced by moderators.


thank you for listening to my concerns...


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Thanks for brining this issue to our attention. :flowers:

The full name of researchers will no longer be edited out.

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