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What Did You Do For You Today?

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I had started a list of the stuff I accomplished today. (because I got alot of cleaning done after being sick for almost 2 weeks) Then decided I don't have to justify my existance. That being a good "house keeper" doesn't make me a worthwhile person. That I am going to practice the stuff I have learned in the book a new earth - that I am not going to label myself. I am going to feel good not because of what I have accomplished but just because.

Oh and later I am going to go and see how many types of flowers I have peeking through the snow. :flowers:

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I took myself on a bike ride and let myself pretend like I was a happy 7 year old.

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Today I have just basically been lazy, which is something I never do, but today I am....I need some unwind time, and I've got weekend off work, so I am just unwinding, and lazing about...Im totally buggered from yesterday having 2 exams which where 2 hours long each, and then 4 hours of work after that, so today I'm just taking it easy and chilling on AS :)

Just relaxing for once :)

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i got the weekend off work, tomorrow is the first day i've had off after working about 10 days straight. but tonight i'm just going to try and relax, take it easy, wish my sister a happy birthday and spread some love around to everyone :) (or atleast try)

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I went to my first AA meeting.

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Had a lovely day, took my bf for lunch in an incredible french reataurent, bought myself four slow growing fir trees and the perfume lovely (and it is)

happy gel just now

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