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What Did You Do For You Today?

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Today I cancelled Grey's class. I was too exhausted to even understand the lesson plan I had prepared for her, dropping and reversing words constantly. So I cancelled. She was totally okay with it-- her first words to me this morning were "Are you okay? You look tired..."

Grey is a blessing to me, and our classes are a blessing to both of us. And next week I'll just have to work her twice as hard! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! *cough* 'scuse me...

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I recognized when the pain & nausea got to be too much with my migraine and, instead of trying to tough it out like I usually do, I let myself take my meds. Then I took a nap. Both were things I really needed to do for myself today.

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I realized that going to the day program today would probably result in me either screaming at someone or having an epic meltdown over something stupid and trivial. So I stayed home!

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I managed to stay away from all of the things that stress me out, for a whole day, it's such a relief :) Just need to walk my lovely dog, then I've succeeded, a day just for me.

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I sat at the table and drew while my dinner was cooking. And let said dinner sit a while so I could finish what I was working on!

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Relaxed with my sketchpad with baseball on in the background. I don't give a rip about either team, but it's a comforting sound.

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Today I revisited an old writing project and decided it was worth working more on. I let myself get totally immersed in the work and world I was creating and for a little bit, lived my characters' lives rather than my own. It was a nice break.

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When I absolutely know there is no chance of putting a quarter into my past and restart the moment, I'll drive. When I've sequestered myself from other drivers, on a lonely stretch of road...I'll bellow out songs. Most often with the radio or c.d. or...whatever. In severe cases...I'll just holler. Or....and this big to admit...I'll sound off with Marine Corps cadence. Marching or otherwise (p.t. and whatnot).

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