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Well, hello. I'm Pride, as you can probably tell by my nifty little handy-dandy name tag over to my left. I joined After Silence... maybe a month ago? After a friend of mine told me about it. Hi friend, if you're reading this. :3 I didn't change my online alias to join up here, though I considered it. I guess... I don't know. I feel safe enough that someone won't attribute the usual happy-go-lucky, sarcastic me to someone who would be on a survival forum?

Uhhh... A few people know about why I'm here, though only one person knows that I'm here. Aforementioned friend.

I turned 18 almost a month ago. Actually, it'll be a month ago exactly in a little less than half an hour, my time, so yay for that.

And... Uh. I guess that's it. Oh, I suppose random stuff can go here.

I like writing. Specifically online forum-based roleplay. But I also dabble in fanfiction (fan-written pieces of fiction about a specific TV show, book, band, etc), poetry, short random OC (that's Own Character, for non-writers) drabbles... I also love to read, which is probably why I write as well as I do, but I don't read as much anymore.

I ride horses. Not so much anymore, especially after an incident at the barn. I was in the wrong, but still. Injured pride 'n all. Hopefully I'll man up and get out there again soon.

Ummm... The name Pride stems from Gay Pride. Because as my friend once said to me, "You are the mascot of the homo team, and you make rainbows feel inadequate."

Reading, writing, roleplaying, horses... Oh, SIMming. Whether it's the appropriately-named SIMs (need to get my main CD back from one of my friends) or an online horse SIM I'm fond of... I love it.

Also. Call of Duty: Black Ops. Forever.

And Okami. And Pokemon.

Okay, I think I'm actually done now.

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Hi there.

Welcome to AS.

I hope you find this site to be helpful.


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I hope you are finding your way around the boards ok.


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Thinking of you.


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Welcome to AS! :flowers:

Best wishes for everything!

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Hi Pride

Welcome to After Silence :)

It's great that you like writing and that, we all need something we love to do :)

Am a fellow Sims fan - great game

Hope to see you around the forum


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Thanks for the welcome, everyone. c:

You're welcome.

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