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Problems With Posting

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I've been having problems in posting using Fast Reply. I'm not sure if it's only Fast Reply but it doesn't seem to accept anything, it just says about it being Read Only.

I'm not even sure if this post will go in. I've cleared down my cookies and re-booted but it doesn't seem to be working so I'm in a bit of a quandry - is it me or is it the computer having a bit of a Gremlin stage? :shrugs:

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hiya :)

Am having same issue, bu only in the humour forum - also notice there is no post in there since this morning and that the flower next to the forum is green now..

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Hi there Blossums,

Yes, you are right, it does seem to be only in the Humour Forum; I've just managed to get some posting in different parts of the forum. To make matters worse, I've also found that my Firefox is playing up, just to confuse me even more - it doesn't take an awful lot to confuse me at the moment, what with the weather being rain, hail,sunshine, high winds, hubby ill (not seriously), things have been odd all around.


Many thanks. Hope these Gremlins go away soon, Lol.

Atlantis :)

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Hi Atlantis, Am glad it wasn't just me, had a look around earlier on to see if anyone else had posted about it (had just attempted to say that I had bacon and avocado salad :lol: and well, it wouldn't let me!)

Know what you mean bout being easily confused too, am having to write things down otherwise i will forget them even moment to moment

Feel a bit of a cow by saying we have lovely sunshine here

Hope hubby gets well soon and that everything goes back to being as it should

Cheers luv


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Thanks Blossums. Glad you've got the sunshine, don't feel bad about it but if you've got some spare sunshine going, please send it up to these Scottish Isles. Not that we haven't had some sunshine, it just depends on those Gremlins in the sky that decide what to send down to us, it changes every minute, Lol.


Atlantis :):rain:

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Sorry, ladies. We do appear to be having some technical difficulties with the humor and silliness forum at the moment. I don't think it's anything on your end.

It may be time for an upgrade.

Thanks for letting us know.


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