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Just Wondering

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I have the flower skin thing running and sometimes the flowers change colors sometimes they are light pink and now one of them is white idk if it's always been white I don't think so

It's really not an important question just wondering...

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Hmmm I can't help you there hun.

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Hi Kez,

I am not sure about that either. I will pass along your question though.

Have a great day! :flowers:

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Thanks Becky

It's no big deal was just something that made me go hmmm no hurry or real importance lol

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I can answer this one :)

Basically it's got to do with it you've read all the post in that forum, or if you've not read all of them but then click the flower, it will mark them all as read (abit like in an email client). The White flower (I suspect on human and silliness) is abit of a glitch - it was part of the old as skin from way back, but has for some reason decided to come back sometimes. Here to give you abit of an idea:

Dark pink power - new post since last login and unread - Here

Light pink power - no new post since last login and unread, or some unread in subforum (I think - am abit unsure) Here

Blueish Pink - no new post since last login and no unread posts Here

White flower - old school flower which I don't think is meant to look like it does - mean read only forum Here

I hope this helps some :)


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