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Member Notation Question

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I'm not sure how to word this but it's just something I'm curious about. On the "group" place under somebody's name...where it says male or moderator or contributing member or whatever. Is there a "priority" to how these are listed? For example, if a male member (m. member) contributes, does their "status" change to contributing member, m. contributing member, or stay as m. member? Same question if someone contributes and is also a mod or something like that.

Just wondering...I get confused easy! :blush:


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All questions are welcome:)

If a member is moderator, admin, newbie support team, it will list that under group. Even if they are contributing member - those titles I mentioned will appear.

If you're a contributing member and not part of the forum staff then it will say you are a "contributing member" there and to check gender- just visit their profile.

After that it will say member (m. member etc), secondary survivor, or researcher.

Hope that answers your question.


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