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Has As Been Changed - Or Is Just Me?

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Did they change it back to normal in th last 2 days? :unsure:

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Ok, thanks Karen. I thought maybe I was going crazy there for a spell. Teeheehee

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OOooooo-kay.... *THAT* was weird. :blink:

i was just typing out a post when all of a sudden my "skin" (didn't even know we had those!!!) suddenly changed in mid-type to "spring fling!". :blink:

That was not pleasant.... i like the concept of it, but WAY too many different colors. And the little boxes for everyone's post was so frigging big/long!!!! i could feel my whole head doing that egyptian back and forth thing trying to read the posts. :blink::wacko:

Creatures of habit indeed. Fortunately I managed to find the skins and put it back on "lotus", which is the one I've been used to and using for the past 4 months... But it still seems off somehow??? A little different??? Am I crazy??

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