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Veiwing Our Own Posts And Threads

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So I have been on here for a while now and unless I am TOTALLY missing some part of the site that I havent seen before (which is completely possible) but I cannot find a simple and quick was to view the threads we have started and our posts. It is hard to go through back from the forum front page and go through each page to find your posts...espiecially if they are new ones! I am a part of many different forums and of course each are a little different in terms of set up. But, I really think it would be great to have a botton at the top (just like the view new posts one) and have a botton that allows us to view a list of all the posts and threads we have written! Is this something that can be done? Is there already some hidden way to do this and I just dont know? Thanks everyone!!

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You can do it two ways - either just click on your name and a little box will appear that says

find members topics -

find members posts -

Or you can go to your profile and you have the same options there

Hope that helps

best wishes


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but it doesn't tell you whether anyone replied. the "number of replies" is the number of replies to the thread, not whether there are new replies after you last posted.

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if you mark a topic on the top right under options

if you mark it that you want to track it

you can see it in "my controls" and see if there is anything since YOu last read it....

there is an option to get an e-mail - or not.

that really helped me keep track of threads I want to watch

or have responded to - or my own threads...

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Or just click on search at the top of the main screen and type in your name and it will show all the posts (your threads and those you've replied to) in a list. That's the one I like best as it shows you all the threads in a normal format.

Reyzl x

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