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Hi all! My name is Shelly and I found this place about 3 months ago and have been snooping around but didn't actually register till a couple of days ago. I have actually been searching for new boards because of problems with the one that I just left. :unsure: But I know some of the members here already and my fiance' joined a couple days ago as well....so thats a given.

So I found this and another site that I think I am going to call my new homes, but I just wanted to say Hi!

I will post my story in the appropriate section.

shelly :insane:

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Welcome to the board Shelly :)

Sorry you had problems on another board - I hope that you find a good home here and that being here helps.

Take care


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Welcome to a great site! There ae so many people with great ideas and most important they really care.


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Guest SweetSangria

SHELLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. hi!!! i hope you eventually parted company with your beloved spoon :P

it's so good to have you and snowy here.


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Welcome to AS, I hope that you find it helpful to be here .. :hug:

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I know the board you're talking about. I left too, but shortly after my Dad died in 2002. I had loved it, and found a lot of support. *sigh* But Snowy led me here and well . . duh, here I am! So welcome to you :)

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Welcome Shelly! I'm glad to see you're over here. It was great talking with you, albeit briefly last night. Anyway, back to my point. The people here are amazing and I hope you will find lots of support here. Take care and know I'm always here for you!



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Well if that isn't making one feel welcomed, I don't know what is! LOL.

and SWEET , the spoon finally went to its final resting place lol.

Thanks everyone for making me feel so welcomed and the transition to a new board/forum so easy!

shelly :insane:

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welcome to the boards shelly :bighug:


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