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2 1/2 Years Too Late?

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hey everyone!

This is the first time i have ever done something like this. The first time i have ever attempted to come to terms with my story, the first time i have ever tried to speak to other people with stories like mine, the first time i have tried to accept who i am/ have become.

i am so so scared of what i am doing right now. I have coped quite well for the past 2 1/2 years, this is because my story lives in a letter in a box under my bed and thats where it has stayed. I am petrefied that in the future i am going to stop being able to cope and need someone to turn to and have no one. This is the reason i am here. I need to know i have people/ friends to talk to and if you guys will be there for me.

hope you are all well :flowers:

peace x

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Hi Somebody,

I have only started sharing my story. I wish I had a T who I could trust enough to talk to. I really need one. I'm using the internet as a way of getting that help and support.

hey there,

i really hope this site helps you and you can find people you can talk to on here. The fact that you have started sharing your story is great, hopefully i will have the courage to one day.


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Hello there!

Warm welcome to AS!

Congratz for taking the first step! :up:

:notalone: and have a great day!

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Welcome to Aftersilence :flowers:

We'll be around and here to support you. It's a big step that you have started sharing your story. It takes a lot of courage!

As for a therapist- have you looked into local rape crisis centers? They are usually free of charge and people will know a little bit of why you are coming there. I have gone and was helpful to me.


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Welcome to AS. One thing you will quickly see is here you are never alone. In your story, in the length of time its been, in your pain, in your feelings, anything. It's been almost 11 years for me and I am just now seeking help. And while all of our stories are different, everyone's pain here matters. There is always someone here for you.


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welcome to after-silence. :)

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