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I'm not sure how possible this is but thought I'd ask anyway...

Is there any chance the 'name' on email notifications could be altered? I get pop-ups on my laptop if I receive an email, and if anyone else is nearby they can see "After Silence - a message board and chat room for R, SA, and SA survivors" (obviously with the full words not the acronyms) pop up in a box on my computer.

'After Silence' is pretty miscellaneous in itself and the vast majority of non-members wouldn't bat an eyelid to it... I understand that we shouldn't be silencing the whole reason why we're here, that's the LAST thing I'm trying to request, I just wondered if you had any thoughts on removing the 'other' part on email notifications?

I'll completely understand any answer given, it's a bit of a long shot, I'm just not ready for other people to see or hear anything about "this stuff", not sure if I'm the only one who freaks out when they receive an email!?

Any thoughts would be great! :)

BB xx

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I had to stop receiving e-mails because of this as my computer it used by the whole family - I will pass on your concern - perhaps it is something that can be looked into


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bettyboop :flowers:

i think that's a good idea.

when i was checking into my email account from work (where people might be looking over my shoulder), this actually made me uncomfortable, too.

i dont think it would have anything to do with silencing to be more discrete in the email name.


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Hello Betty!

Thank you for putting that on the table (If I can say that this way).

I was thinking of that too. Actually more thinking ok should I or not check my email right now (when I am at uni and that on one glimpse someone - anyone, could read the title).

good idea!


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So was I. I normally don't care what people think....I can have whatever emails I want or be on whatever (legal!!) site I want. But there are days when I'm at uni and unstable/triggery...and the last thing I want is someone seeing the "other" part of the email title.

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I have this same problem. It would be very helpful to get the name shortened to just After Silence.

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I'm really sorry for the inconvenience that some of you are experiencing. I can certainly appreciate the importance of privacy and you all bring very valid points to the table.

Unfortunately, to compromise the detail description of email notifications would also mean to compromise our keywords, which are in many cases responsible for how survivors find us through popular search engines like google, yahoo, etc. The email notification system borrows the title for the email from the complete title of the board, After Silence - A message board and chat room for rape, sexual assault, and sexual abuse survivors. As I'm not aware of a way to separate the two, to change the title of the email notifications I would also need modify the title of our page (and therefore lose rich keywords that allow survivors to find us when they type things like "rape survivor message board" on a search engine).

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I'm not sure it would work for people who are getting things popping up on their computers saying they have a new email, but for people just nervous to check their emails because there might be one from here- Most email systems have the option of filtering, which means you can send emails from a certain member right to a certain folder.. So you could send them to an "After Silence" folder or something, and it would show that there's a new page in that folder, but it won't be in your inbox, so it would be more discreet. As for the ones who get actual pop ups, it might help with that too if it's not going into your inbox, or maybe there's a way to stop those pop ups from coming?

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Vera, thank you for that explanation. I completely understand the importance of not losing those keywords... I actually found the site by "fluke"/ universe -intervemtion when I typed "pregnancy and childbirth and survivors of rape/sexual assault" into Google!

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Thank you Vera - I did not know that!

You can choose to not recieve any e-mails from the site - or have a dedication e-mail address just for After silence - if you go to

my controls = you will see all the options there for e-mails settings etc


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