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My name is April. I am 19. I just signed up two minutes ago. This seems like a nice place. I have never talked to people outside of my imidiate family about this stuff so i am hopeing this will be a good place to start. i need to heal or at least start, but i am so mixe up inside. :blush: Anyways, i just wanted to say hi to everyone!

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Hi April,

:hug: Welcome to After Silence. I hope that you will find it helpful here. :hug:


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welcome to the boards :bighug:


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Hi April,

Welcome to AS. This is a good first step for you. It is in reaching out that we do start in our healing. It is scary but we are here for you.

Are you in therapy for sexual assault and ptsd? If you find a therapist make sure they are trained in sexual assault issues.

I hope you find peace, comfort and healing on your journey to recovery from this horrific crime.

Safe hugs and many blessings to you.


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Good for you on your very first post hun, doing so can be quite hard to do. It's also good to hear that you have a supportive family to talk to when you need hun, that's very important hun as are friends.

Know that you have many new friends here, that your not alone, and that we are here for you. :)

Welcome to the board. :hug:

(((safe hugs)))

Donna =)

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:greet: Welcome to AS April. Glad you found us. This is a wonderful place full of people who can understand exactly what your going through and will help and suppport you in any way possible.

Take your time and post when you feel ready to :hug: Luv Jess

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Welcome to AS, I hope you find it helpful .. :hug:

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im here for you april

welcome to dancing in the darnkness, you are not alone.

talk to me about anything , send me a message whenever you want



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Hi April and welcome to After Silence. :hug:

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Welcome to AS. I hope that you find this place as welcome and enjoyable and safe as I have since I have been here. Please feel free to post whenever you feel like it - to celebrate, to vent or whatever it may be, remember we are all here to help one another.

Again, welcome to AS.

shelly :insane:

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