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Visual Voice Project

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I want to open this opportunity to anyone who is willing to do so, to share their story of pain as well as the steps of healing they have experienced through sexual abuse. But before, allow me to explain what it is exactly I am doing.

I am an artist, who personally does not have positive experiences with sex. My project that I am striving to accomplish in the next month and half, is my attempt to overcome my anxieties and fears concerning this touchy topic for me. That was the start of my project. As it evolved, I realized that I am not alone, and that there is so much to be learned from other's who struggle with this, and how they experienced healing (Or, the steps they are taking towards healing).

I titled my project, "Visual Voice" for thats exactly what it is.

I am going to take a sculpture, or a clay pot, or anything that is about 3 feet tall. Manufactured, whole, together, complete. (To symbolize the time before the abuse, or pain connected with sexual abuse)

And then, with a hammer, I am going to break it.

With each broken piece, I want it to symbolize someone's story. It would all be anonymous, no names, age, or place listed anywhere. But I will treat each broken piece as someone's individual story, painting it, covering in fabric, or do a collage, whatever fits for that story.

And with the broken pieces, sculpt something new, to symbolize the healing process.

But this is where you can come in. You can give me a poem that explains your story, you can reply with a word or an image that symbolizes your story, you can even share your story. Whichever manner is most appropriate for where your at in your journey, would give this sculpture a lot of meaning and power, and give you a visual voice (for you will become part of the sculpture) to also raise awarness.

Thank you so very much :blush:

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Welcome to After Silence :flowers:

It sounds like a wonderful project and I wish you good luck.


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That is a wonderful user name and a fantastic plan.

Where would you like us to post these words, poems, or stories?

:hug: :hug: :hug:

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great idea! here is one of my poems...

The Monster

Are you afraid of the dark?

Or during the day

Who were your monsters?

And what did they say?

I am your friend

And I love you too

He says it’s ok

To do the things that we do

Just keep our secret

Don’t say a word

Or dad will be angry

And say you’re absurd

Remember …he says….

I am your friend

And I love you too

He says it’s ok

To do the things that we do

Don’t you want to feel special?

Important to me

If you do all these things

That’s how it will be

And as the time passes

The monsters still there

Always around you

They live in the air

You’re not the same person

You were long ago,

The fears that you fear

You hold them so dear

All were created, when

The monster was near

But now he is gone

He’s moved far away

He cannot get you

He’s not here today

But the monster, has changed,

He’s a part of your soul

He whispers to you

Trying to keep that control


Now you have realized

Unfortunately it’s true

That monster you now see

That monster is you

You torture yourself

Because of what you have done

Trying to escape

Always on the run

Some drink, do drugs

Some binge and purge

We do anything at all

To avoid that urge

The urge to feel

Those feelings from then

Before you became the monster within

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welcome to after-silence. :)

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Yes I would be happy to donate poem etc - please let me know how to donate poem - if via PM or such.


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