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A New Diary Forum?

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I was thinking about it the other day, and thought it would be great to have a forum where each member could post a topic and it would be all about them, what's going on, how they are doing each day, what's new in their lives, etc. Kinda like a public online diary.

It could either be set up to only allow the topic starter to add new posts/replies to their Diary Topic, or it could allow others to reply as well. Either way really, I could see the benefit of both. But essentially it would be an easy way to let the whole board get to know someone. And it would be really easy for the member/topic poster to edit out any information they no longer want shared with the public.

There's just so many forums on this site to share specific pieces of information about each individual, but no place to share it all in one location. I find myself wondering about a particular person, and sifting through hundreds of past posts by them to try to understand them better, or I find myself wanting to share certain details in a diary-like topic, as a way to let people know what's new with me or what's going on now in my life, but there's really no place for me to post this, and I don't deem the info that I want to share as important enough to make a whole new topic(like how I took a great picture of my dogs with the cat the other day, or that I took an important step in "getting out and having fun" again). I almost considered using my first post in the welcome page like this, but decided against it.

Another added benefit of each person being able to have their own 'diary' would be a chance to see how their own thought processes have evolved, to see how far they have come, as a reminder of where they use to be in the past, and how things have gotten better. It's so easy to dismiss small things/steps as progress, but even the littlest thing, step by step, helps us move forward in our healing.

I'm not sure if I'm making a very good argument for a new "Diary Forum" or not. But I know that I would like one, and maybe some other people on here would like one too. It could go under the Body and Mind section.

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I like this idea :) I can't even find my own posts, they're all over the place lol... or maybe that's a sign that I need to STOP posting?! :P

Good idea though, hopefully it'll be well-received. You could always start up a "you" thread in "Take to the Sky", maybe that's an appropriate place?

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That's not a bad idea betty, but I don't feel yet like I'm "further along my healing journey" yet. And it could also possibly alienate others who are brand new and are still dealing with a lot of the trauma?

Maybe I am just being selfish, but I really want a forum just for members to make their own public, about-me diaries. I just think it would make getting to know everyone SO much easier.

Just my 2 cents.

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I like it. I think there would still be a place to post TW and other warnings....just to warn potential readers. I've been thinking about suggesting this for a while...thanks for doing it!

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Many forum packages offer the option of attaching blogs to a user's profile where the blog is updated and maintained on the forum and accessible via the user's profile. Since AS uses pHp IP. Board, it would be possible. But there may be bandwidth/space issues and issues with how/whether to moderate such a feature.

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I like the suggestion. :flowers:

The issue at the moment is cost. It would cost additional funds that we currently do not have.

However, we will keep it on the list for the future because it is such a good idea.

Thank you.

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