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I Can't Get Into Chat For Some Reason...

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I just tried to get into the chat room and all I got was a notice stating "You are not permitted to use this feature" This has never happened before and I haven't recieved any PM's saying I'm banned and I don't think I did anything to get banned... Chat worked last night. I tried refreshing the page and redownloading java and still nothing. Can someone help me? Does anyone else get this?

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Ok, thanks!

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I've been having the exact same problem! Been trying to get in for about half an hour, now, and I was starting to get worried that I'd done something wrong. I'm glad someone else is having the same problem, haha. There must be an issue with the platform or something?

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My hope is that our b*tching and moaning about wanting the old chat back worked. lol

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me too.

can't get in

maybe they are decorating the room

my birthday is tomorrow

so maybe they are putting up streamers in there?

you never know!

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Please know that if there is a moderating reason that you cannot use chat then you would always be contacted.

I have heard back from admin and at this moment in time there are no funds to get our old chat room back - I am unsure why members couldn't get into chat - but as it has affected several it is probably a glitch with the chat room provider and nothing to do with AS.

I hope everyone can get in soon

best wishes


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Did they forget to pay the bill again? :P:flowers:

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