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New Here.. Hello (*.*)

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Hi there,

I have never posted on a forum like this before. I am 36 and I hope a little ways down the healing process. My hot anger years were 1995-2000 .. though not to say I don't have my days. It's really hard to tell how much is healed and since being with my new boyfriend (of 6 months) I find a lot of issues reopened and I am a mix of many emotions.

I would some day like to discover how to be a normal, healthy, sexual 36 year old. I am hoping to find more information on people working through this phase in the healing process.. I bought a couple books specifically on the topic and felt empowered.. but then a different day arrives and I am ready to live life like a nun for the rest of my life.. it breaks my heart because I want to be healthy.. but it is harder than it appears on the outside.

Anyways, I am a CSA survivor and a Rape survivor.

Thanx for having me.


Ps. Where do I find posts relating to trying to have a relationship with a man and sex.. etc?

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welcome to AS missummermagic, like the name too,

this is a great support for me and im sure you will receive that support to,

i think what your looking for regarding relationships you will find in " relationships and sexuality"

hope you find your way around the boards ok


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Hi there.

Welcome to AS.

I hope you find this site to be helpful.


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Welcome, I hope you find what you need here at AS. We're honored to help you in your healing.


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I hope you are fining your way around the boards ok.


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welcome to after-silence. :)

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Thinking of you.


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Hi There,

Welcome to Aftersilence. My name is Mandy and I am apart of the Newbie Support Team here at AS. If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message.

I hope that the forum that Karen linked you as helped you.

I too am a survivor of CSA and my boyfriend and I do have issues sometimes related to the intimacy sometimes. It's just you have to work slowly at it...and sometimes to replace the bad memories you just have to make a lot more good ones.


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