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I'm not sure if this has been posted anywhere else around here but I think it's very important that we all know about this website.


Type in your name, phone number, email address, your husbands name, your boyfriends name, etc...they have information on us. They know where we live, how much we make in a year, darn near everything.

I searched and found my maiden name, my married name, 2 of my previous addresses, my ex-husbands address, phone numbers...all of it.

This is horrible for us! Just when I thought I'd be able to sleep at night I discover this thanks to a friend of mine on facebook. So please, please go on there and delete yourself!!!!

Search for yourself through every possible means you can think of. Then copy the web address (URL) and find the privacy link at the bottom of the page and get yourself removed! I've sent them an email regarding my issues with being listed in hopes that they won't put me up there ever again, I suggest you all do the same and do it as soon as you read this! They can even track your IP addresses from places you've logged in...even a starbucks! They had stuff of mine up there from when I was in HIGH SCHOOL 6 years ago.

Remove yourself for your own safety!

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Some of my info was just a little bit off or a little bit old but just enough to cause me great concern. Its was all too close to home.

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WOW~~~~ not there, must be because I am from Canada, but did find out there is another person with my name who must be related as my husband family came from Norway and some stayed in Canada and some went to US

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Very very scary, I just looked up a friend and found her husbands income, a picture of her house (with her car on the drive) and all sorts. Not good.

On the bright side this only seems to relate to the USA.

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Only the USA for names but did you try putting in your email address? It found me through my email. Doesnt have details for non usa citizens through name search though tg because we have different privacy laws.

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I actually got a membership because I wanted to see everything it had on me. It seems to have me and at least two others mixed together. Has a pic of my house, that's two yrs old. The ramp is now gone. The van is gone. The lilac bushes are present now ...

it pulled up a MySpace page, I've never been on MySpace. It brought up two Facebook pages, neither one mine .. it shows me married, to someone I don't know.

I was very surprised at what it didn't pull up, as it's very public like news public and fairly often(on the board of directors for a local club).

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I would like to say Thank You for this post.

It's scary because don't ever think this kind of stuff really exist.

Yep,try to enter your email address :angry:

Just one question,how to tell them to remove our details from the website? :blink:

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there are many other websites like this though...and i was very happy to see that my home was worth so much, even though i don't own one!

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