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Judgements In Chat

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Hey everyone,

I'm not trying to say people aren't allowed to have an opinion or shouldn't express it, but I was wondering if we could all make a bit more of an effort not to judge people so much in chat? I'm guilty of this too, but it takes alot of effort for someone to reach out to us in chat, and placing blame or judgement on them is really hard and I've spoken to a few people who don't even want to go into chat anymore because of this. So maybe just keep this in mind when you are in the room? It'd be really appreciated.

Mods, sorry if this is in the wrong place, its just an issue I felt the need to post about and I didn't know where to put it. Please feel free to move it.

Thanks all,


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Thank you Lily.

That takes guts to post something like this.

I agree with you.

We should make this place as safe as it was intended to be.

You are a precious treasure.


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Noone should every feel judged in the chat room - we all are entitled to our own opinions - even if that is the opposite to everyone elses in the room.

Please know that if you have any problems reguarding chat you may contact myself, sadeyes22 or Possum, Rose and Reyes at any time.

best wishes


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