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Hello There

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I'm joining for the 2nd time, I became a member once before but could never bring myself to post. I've decided to try and force myself to open up about my feelings and thoughts and quit keeping everything bottled up.

I live in the Southern United States.... am in my teens, my major hobby is music.

I don't really know a lot more to say as an intro so I'm going to read the board some and try to get a feel for everything. I hope to stick around for awhile this time around.

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Hi WarChild,

Welcome to AS hun :) I'm 18, and there are several members younger than me. Oh and I love music too!

Well done for posting, I know it can be so scary at first, but it does get easier with time. I hope you find this place helpful in your healing journey,


Diana x

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Welcome to After Silence. I'm sorry you couldn't bring yourself to post the first time around but am hoping this time will be the charm for you. Obviously, in a perfect world you would have no reason for being here and I'm sorry you do, but I'm glad you decided to try again. This is a very nurturing and caring site. Hopefully you will find what you need here.



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Thank you all. Just getting this first post out of the way was a big load off of my mind. I look forward to getting to know you all.

Hope everyone has a great 4th of July.

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This is also my first posting. I also live in the South, but I am much older! I am 57 years old and first started talking about the incest and rape just about 5 years ago. I kept that terrible secret way too long and allowed it to do damage to my psyche. I am so inspired by the young women who are getting help now. Actually I decided to face this because I was and am sure my father was molesting my great-neice and I couldn't stand by and see her damaged like myself when she could begin getting help now. As it turns out no one but my sister thinks he ever touched her so the only help she gets is knowing that it happened to me and I'm there for her. Thanks!

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Welcome to AS, I hope that you find it can help you ... :hug:

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Welcome to the board. I am new here myself but have been made most welcome. Well done for posting - may it be the first of many.

Take care


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Thank you all for the nice welcomes.

I've always had a problem with admitting things....especially to myself.

Something in my mind has always made me feel that if I acknowledge or admit to bad things, that somehow makes them more "real." I've let me self get very sick before with physical illnesses because I felt that if I didn't go to the doctor, the illness wasn't real. I tend to do the same thing with events. If I refuse to validate them, in my mind...they never really happened.

Denial wears on you after awhile tho and I've decided it's time that I have to face the truth.

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(((((((((((((warchild))))))))))) welcome to AS :dance::dance:

How very brave of you to try the forum out again. You are worth it. We are here for you, hun. Be gentle with you



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:greet: Welcome to AS Warchild :greet:

The first post is always really difficult but I promise you it does get much easier. Just take your time and post whenever you feel ready :hug: Luv Jess

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Your're welcome here! Everyone is understanding and tries to help. We are trying to heal and I'm sure that you will be able to help us as much as maybe we can help you.


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:hug: Welcome to After Silence! I hope you like it here and find it helpful here. This site is full of caring and supportive people. Take genle care and post whenever you feel comfortable. :hug:


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welcome to the boards sweetie :hug: :hug: :hug:


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Thanks everybody. :)

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Welcome to After Silence sweetie.


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