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Why Is The Page So Slow?

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so for a few days, i think, i have noticed that everything on here takes foreeeeever to load. i mean, whenever i click on anything here, it takes a good 5-10 seconds until the page comes up. anything, a forum, a topic, whatever.

it's not that way with other websites, even when i use the same browser; so it's not my internet connection.

is it the AS server (?!?! i have no idea what that really is) that suddenly got slow, or......? :shrug:

do other people have this problem?

is it gonna pass? :unsure:

thanks for any info. :)

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Could be your computer having a problem interacting with the AS server maybe, I've not had this problem at all


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thank you for the info, possum.

hmm. it already happens when i just type the web address into the browser and when it first loads. and it is actually closer to 20 seconds. per click. which means i cannot reasonably use it. :(

this has not always been this way, just for a few days now, i think, and i am not aware of having changed anything on my computer. i tried logging out and in again, aswell as using a different browser, but no difference.

does anybody have any idea how i can fix this?!?!!


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both my daughter and I have computers I can access AS as normal on my one but it took forever on hers and hers runs off my modem (if that is what it is called - about as techy as you I think) could you have a virus or spyware etc that is causing it to run slow? Maybr try running a full scan and see if that helps - also you could try clearing all your cookies etc too - this seems to cure wide range of problems - incase you don't know how - go to

tools (top far right of computer screen)

click internet options

click delete

then delete cookies, history and files - NOT passwords unless you know them all

perhaps that might help


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karen, thanks for letting me know - glad i am not the only one.....

i just deleted cookies and it might be a little better now (? :shrug: ) but it is definitely not normal yet. i dont think it's a virus because this only happens with AS.

i feel like it is sth about the AS server..... maybe some changes were made to it so that it does this now to certain computers?!?! (no idea if that is even possible.....)

my browser gives me the message "waiting for aftersilence.org/etc....... " in the bottom left corner while it shows me that loading bar.



maybe anyone who knows some more about this tech stuff could help me out?

thank you!!!

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